A beautiful smile ❤️

23rd Nov 2020
Day 1

it was a foggy morning and we reached Namgyal institute of Tibetology at 10 am after our splendid breakfast from a small tea shop where they served the local food. The hotel we stayed was near MG Marg, pretty decent and worth for the spend. And we walked for 15 min to reach Namgyal.The entry fee is Rs.10

Namgyal Museum carries on researches in Tibetan language, art, religion and the culture. The architecture is unique. I noticed golden lined towers and colourful artworks.  And the beautiful sculptures is  depiction of  Budhist culture.  We saw Do Drul chorten monastery is closer to Namgyal and we planned to walk ahead. The chants sounded like ' Om Mane padme hum', or probably i heard it that way since i know only one 😉

But i wasn't really sure if it's from the prayer zone which is 100 metres away. I saw few monks passing through the veranda and few are busy with their daily routines. And i was right,  the mantras were heard better when I slowed down my walking pace.

There was a child monk behind, he couldn't be more than 10 years old. His fingers were holding a Japamala and he continued his chants slowly. He looked at me and I smiled at him. He was confused to smile.

My "Hello" poked him to smile at me. I was happy to be in that moment with his cute little smile. I asked him Aapka naam kya hai? And I heard 'Angyo' from him. I am not still sure of it's spelled properly.

One with Angyo

Photo of Sikkim by Zuhra Siraj


Photo of Sikkim by Zuhra Siraj