A bus ride to the top 2 Burger joints in Malaysia

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Burgers are not just about the famous fast food chains like McDonalds and Burger King in Malaysia anymore. Several local outlets here will serve you some of the best burgers in town at value for money. These local joints make burgers that are a mix of local and international flavours. These joints have become so famous that they have received the government go ahead to remain open 24 hours. From pork burgers to chicken patties, the joints have some of the most delicious and juicy burgers that will leave you licking your fingers. These joints are open until late at night and hence bus travel is the safest option if you are planning to visit these joints late at night.

bus tickets from redbus.my as it will spare you the ordeal of carrying cash and change with you all the time. I would personally recommend that you reach this place by bus as Malaysia has a notorius traffic problem. Taking a cab would prove to be an extremely costly affair and nobody wants to pay and sit in traffic. Besides these buses are fully equipped with infotainment systems allowing you to pass your time during travelling!!

Burgertory at Subang Jaya

It is located in the section 15 of Subang Jaya. This area has a good network of roads and has regular bus service. Instead of splurging money on a cab, reaching here by bus will be th best option. The joint is quite famous for its pork burgers. However, you might want to watch out on your calorie count. Nevertheless, if you overeat, make sure to walk to the nearest bus stop. Will save you a few bucks and burn your calories too! Talking about the decor of this joint, it looks similar to an industrial warehouse. It has some self-made seating, warm lighting and steel fittings. The owners themselves have designed the entire interiors! The owners have made the most of the available space they had. Burgertory believes in the do it yourself approach and makes its very own sauces, buns and burgers. During weekends, the burgers are completely sold out before 9 PM. So if you want to relax and eat here make sure to drop in on a weekday if you are planning to stay until late

Fat Boy’s Burger Bar at Avenue K

This place is quite famous for its unique menu of burgers and burger combos. It is the most visited burger joint in Malaysia. The burger combos here are huge in portions and taste delicious. The combo, which is the most famous among the patrons here, is the Bleu Peppercorn, which is a juicy beef patty that has cheese all over it! It is topped with crispy iron rings and sesame seeds. You have the option to choose from whole wheat, honey oat bun and white sesame. To add to it you can complete your burger with some of their sauces and peanut butter.

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