*Imperial Clinics

*Date of case: 20th / March / 2013

*Case submitted by: Parents


*Name: Anja Rajcevic

*Age: in April will be 7 yr

*Sex: f

Marital status:


Position at job-

Number of jobs up to now-

Self employed/ Working for-


Educational background:

Address: Mileve Maric Ajnstajn br.64/5

*Contact no. : 0638145003

Email id: gocapiperac@orion.rs

Skype name: gordana rajcevic

Reference By: Katarine Selmic


Chief Complaint:

Chief complaint: unspecified pervasive developmental disorder, autistic spectrum disorder , stunted growth, delayed speech, anti-social behavior, behavior inappropriate to age, hyper-sensitivity of emotional immaturity

What is the main problem?

social and emotional development is slow, lack of attention, stereotypes, reluctant to accept change, violent reactions in situations when she is sad, exaggerated fear

Sensation: * irrational fears (from balloons, some sound-toys)-clogging ears

What makes it better or worse: There are good and bad phases, good stage where normally plays, talking, when she is happy, and bad phases caused by the prohibition, any change in the usual routine * eg. When she is going to grandma she is happy, but all new things affect her with increased irritability .she reacts loudly on each nervousness or negative energy.

What is it associated with:

Sometimes she complained that she had a headache, SOMETIMES her sleep is disturbed, known to be awake 2-3 hours during night-NOW rare, and from 1.5-2 years awakens from midnight and stayed awake until 7 am.

ALSO Between 2 and 3 years had a strong constipation.



Her aunt – manic depression



Hot is better

She doesn’t like to be covered

*THIRST: From 0.8 to 2 l per day

*SIDE: are the problems more on one side of body?

*Energy or activity: It just be hyperactive now is more calmer

*Appetite: till her 4 year was very low( sweets, milk and pastas ) , after GFCF diet it is much better and we fix problem with candida

Likes: sweets and pastas

Dislikes: Vegetables

*Bowel: N, sometimes on 2 days

*Bladder: n


*Sleep: Frequently wakes up and asks for mother


Sexual desire: child masturbation

Obstetric/ H: Pregnancy and delivery : normal


Attachments: Attach for family members , specially for mothers , she doesn’t like to share her toys and things.

Speed: how is your physical and mental speed, this could be in comparison to others.

Physical speed normal, mentally slower

Speech type: She can communicate but not like other children in her age. Her answers are short. She doesn’t know to express her emotions. She is trying to keep concentration and attention.

Disease: When she was 13 months old, teacher in kindergarten notice that she is not answering when they call her. When she was 4 we diagnosed problem : reluctant to accept change, delayed speech, anti-social behavior, constipation , vilent reaction…


At first reacted turbulent, now moderately turbulent: kick, yelled or threw something, but quickly returned to normal, irritable and whiny mostly in bedtime. Hypersensitive to some sounds, responds to some music. Has irrational fears, fears of balloon, closes ears when something bothers her. After every violent reaction apologize or ask to hug her. regards reactions there are no rules, sometimes react normally, and sometimes stormy. REACTION unpredictable.

Physical: do not tolerate to BAN something what she want, although NOW REACTION are much less stormy and much shorter still she cry, but can not stand that someone is angry. PEOPLE ALWAYS ask people are they happy. Easy understand that she make a mistake, so she apologize or crying. .


Reacts to the weather, on a full moon, usually weaker sleep and nervous in that period.

MOON agg. full (53)

1 alum, 2 apis, 1 arn, 3 ARS, 1 bar-c, 1 bell, 1 bov, 1 brom, 1 bry, 2 calc, 1 calc-p, 1 canth, 1 carc, 1 caust, 2 cina, 2 croc, 1 cupr, 1 cycl, 1 fl-ac, 1 gels, 2 graph, 2 hep, 1 ign, 1 kali-bi, 1 kali-n, 2 lach, 1 led, 3 LYC, 2 merc, 1 nat-c, 1 nat-m, 1 nit-ac, 1 nux-v, 1 ovi-g-p, 1 ph-ac, 3 PHOS, 1 psor, 3 PULS, 2 rhus-t, 1 sabad, 1 sang, 1 sep, 2 sil, 1 sol-m, 1 sol-t-ae, 1 spong, 1 staph, 1 sul-i, 2 sulph, 1 syph, 1 teucr, 1 thuj, 1 verat-v

Mental make-up

Very emotional, she can feel negative energy , always has the feeling that she is wrong something . Very irritable – react quickly , but relatively quickly calm down * Usually shouting or threw something or kick someone


n IQ nonverbal IQ with 4.5 years was 115, the latest test we did in Palmoticeva show it’s a little below average for her age .she know to read and write a few letters even shorter sentences, counting numbers/

ABNORMAL General impression is that she is trying hard in all areas and that progress is visible in communication and relationship with children .on first look she is like every other child.


?MMR vaccine


MS 1M I dose



26th June 2013

First 10 days was aggravated.

Was very nervous

Then app increased and now has become much calmer and speaking more n more.

Running nose ++

More understanding and co-operative

10th Oct 2013

Headaches off and on

Some crust on scalp.

Is calmer. Attached to mom more.

App increased but not gaining weight.

Eyecontact better.

Utters my name Dr. Shreepad

13th March 2014

Better eye contact

Agg in rains

Speech not better

MS 1M I dose

24th June 2014

Speech is better.

Eye contact is better.

Understanding better.

Is co-operative

8th Oct 2014

Much better.

Communication and mood better.

Is very social now: approaching other children and wants to play with them.

lives normal.

Fears >>

Dosent cry.

Conclusion: Today Anja lives a normal life like a normal child and enjoys, plays and studies with her friends

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