A dare to remember forever… all about Kasauli trip…

28th Jun 2016
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Photo of A dare to remember forever… all about Kasauli trip… 5/5 by Upasana Mishra

i read all about solo travelers who are lost in wanderlust and always got surprised how could they be able to travel solo i mean i cant even roam in delhi all alone and they travel the world with no companion. so it started when i tried a backpacking app which tell backpackers near you and i found there this guy named Bharat Dhingra. i checked his instagram account to know more of him and found that he is a yoga freak and travels every possible weekend. i shared my number with him and we started talking on whatsapp. we shared our interests and hobbies. next day he called me to ask if i’m joining him to go to Rishikesh with him. i quickly said “no” which anyone would do knowing a guy just a day before. he asked me for next 2 3 trip which i refused. next to next week he asked for the final time if i’m coming with him to Kasauli. i couldn’t refuse as i was already stressed about quitting my job and needed a break desperately. i dropped a message to my brother and took a bus to Rohtak where Bharat would meet me. i couldn’t tell my mom upfront knowing she would definitely say no. i dressed modestly to keep eyes off. From kashmere gate i took the bus to Rohtak where i got stalked by a haryanavi guy. who was so irritating he copied my number by peeping into my phone when my SIM cards were named my mobile number. later he called me and messaged me too. i got scared deciding i would not travel alone ever in future. anyway i reached Rohtak where Bharat met me. it was a car trip with a stranger guy. i talked with him whole journey so that i could find more and more about him. it was for safety. we reached Chandigarh at 10 PM. he asked to stay here as he was very tired of driving. we stayed in a hotel. my brother called me. i told him i was safe. i had given Bharat’s mobile number and his car number to my brother in case. next morning we continued our trip. it was very beautiful way to kasauli. all way green green and cute colorful houses. we reached kasauli by 10 am. he parked his car. then we started our walk to monkey point. it is very famous there and all those who are seeking a weekend gateway from delhi reach here in kasauli and make most out of their weekend. we started lone then cars and bikes followed us. people with cars and bikes parked just before monkey point 3 km away where we parked our car. some of jerks litter here and there making this beautiful place a garbage dump. we took loads of photos of each other. he tried his some of yoga poses too. i clicked all of them. We reached there took our entry passes and it was army camp too. After all security check we reached at monkey point. felt fresh air on my face. It was so soothing. i was feeling top of the world that time. so beautiful!! after taking prasad and stayed there for around 2 hours we decided to return. there we ate some patties and had cold drink. there was a church near to our parked car. we visited that church too. on the way back to delhi we ate some maggy at corner shop. i thought Bharat would drop me too delhi but he told that he had to join his job early morning so he would drop me at panipat and would board me to a bus to delhi. i took that bus to delhi and bus dropped me near my place where again i got scared as it was a dark night and 2 3 people asked me if where i had to go they would drop me saying that was a dangerous place for a girl. i called my friend Sunil to pick me up, he came right after 5 minute and dropped me with his bike to my place.

it was a daring step for me to trust a stranger guy and travel with him but it was not that scary. Bharat is so good and we are good friends now. he inspired me to get over my fear. his motivating quotes are still in my mind. :)

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Kasauli:) nostalgic. i read you to revive my trip.
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