A day in a Paradise,Chitkul, #colourgreen

20th Jun 2019
Day 1

The last Inhabited Village in Indo China border in kinnur district. Amazed by the beauty of this village, believe me, it is a treat for your eyes. Situated at the height of 3450 meters, the mesmerising rise of Baspa river, cool breeze , fresh air, landscape, local food, and the iron bridge adds to the soulful Chitkul.

These reasons are enough to make you want to visit this mystical valley. Chitkul, didn't disappoint me at all. It is 24 km from Sangla, the landscape is quite picturesque. As I moved from Sangla, baspa river gave me company throughout. The population of this village is 600. Baspa river flowing smoothly across kinnur kailash range.

April to June is the best time to visit Chitkul Village. The cool wind is blowing in summertime as well. Less of snow and no rain makes it a perfect time to witness the beauty of this gem.

How to reach Chitkul?

You can plan your visit via Delhi. Take a bus from Delhi to shimla, rest a bit in shimla and then take a bus from ISBT Kasmere gate to chitkul. The ticket will cost you Rs 200 and volvos will cost your approx Rs 1000 . It is approx 600 Km from Delhi and an 16 hours journey to reach Chitkul. You can also travel from Chandigarh, the distance from Chandigarh is 360km and an approx 12 hours journey.

Local Cuisine:

Try some of the local food in the India’s last dhaba, the wanderer's nest, ratan guest house, sangla cafe, tea stall in chitkul.

An Iron bridge between Seringche and Batseri over Baspa in Chitkul

Photo of Chitkul, Kinnaur by Anshu Singh

Chitkul- Last Village on India Tibet Border, one of the most scenic valleys in Himalayas

Photo of Chitkul, Kinnaur by Anshu Singh

Breathtaking View of Baspa Valley,Chung Sakhago Pass lies at the head of the valley.

Photo of Chitkul, Kinnaur by Anshu Singh

The mesmerizing view of rise of Baspa River in Chitkul

Photo of Chitkul, Kinnaur by Anshu Singh

The river, landscape, food, its people tells the story of a blessed land

Photo of Chitkul, Kinnaur by Anshu Singh

Blue Sky and Green Land- A paradise on Earth

Photo of Chitkul, Kinnaur by Anshu Singh
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