You don't need wings to fly

24th Jun 2016
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The day was bright and Sunny with the streets burning and the unprecedented heat took over, and my body screaming with dehydration. Delhi is a place not to be in and around summers, however, we are arrested by our desires and dreams. Nevertheless, escaping once from the humdrum giving a little space to the thoughts is necessary and I believe it’s healthy.

Well, some say they require time to travel, I say – I need opportunity. This time, it was the birthday and my dream to fly high came true (literal version of course). Being an adventure sports lover I skip no chance to play with heights. This time, my passion took me to BIR BILLING and yes, it was Paragliding.

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For few, this place could be like any other vacation with trees and mountain around, but for me it was heaven. I could find a piece of me among the trees and the mountains. The beauty was mesmerising, the clouds greeted with thunder, and the slight drizzle with cool winds embraced like none other.

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There are many means you can choose to travel. If you choose to ride a bus. You need to download the red bus and book it straight away to Baijnath. The best part about the app is that it gives a budget ride. And I haven’t found any application as yet. And then another 15 km to BIR Billing. If you book a car online through just Dial, they charge you around Rs.15/km negotiable to Rs.12/km, the option is also available and works best for the ones who prefer the comfort of their own space. If you own a car, then suit yourself.

Though you won’t find any hotel near the cliff, nevertheless you do have options to camp in the wild and people who can rent it out with good food, oops! but no electricity. So once you travel, keep a torch or an emergency light for safety. If this doesn’t work you can, of course, choose to live downhill.

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But if you truly have a passion for travel and sports, the drawback can never come your way. The mountain that allows you to fly high is something you should never miss.

For amateurs who wish to fly or a bit sceptical about flying, the zeal of the people around and the instructors will be helpful and motivating enough to make you experience what the bird does.

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