A Day With Incas On Inti Raymi At Cusco , Perú.

24th Jun 2018

Celebrating Fiesta del  Sol 

Photo of A Day With Incas On Inti Raymi At Cusco , Perú. by Madhab Burman

' Inti Raymi ' , sounds interesting !! What is this ' Inti Raymi '? Does create any interest to reveal the secret of Inti Raymi ?

Photo of  A Day  With Incas On  Inti Raymi At Cusco , Perú. 1/12 by Madhab Burman

For me , ohh !! Yes . And You ?

The name Inti Raymi comes from the Quechua language: Inti means “sun” and raymi means “festival”.

The Inti Raymi is an ancient Inca religious celebration, the Incas worshiped their god.

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Formerly the Inti Raymi lasted about 15 days; People made sacrifices and presented dances to worship the sun god.

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The last Inti Raymi held with the presence of Emperor Inca was in the year 1535.

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# Why it was last ? If it was last , then how it started again ?

Afterword 1535 which the Spanish and the Catholic priests banned the celebrations because they were pagan and contrary to the Catholic faith.

As conversions of the native people to Christianity began, the ceremonies were kept hidden, but did not end entirely.

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The Spanish, realizing the risks and futility in trying to completely remove a religious celebration, moved it a few days later to match the date of their Catholic feast of St. John the Baptist.

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This gave them an excuse to allow the celebrations to continue as well as helping to indoctrinate the Incas to the ways of Christianity. Thus Inti Raymi survived in the form of the San Juan festival.

# Why 'Fiesta del Sol' or ' Fiesta de Sol '?

Inti Raymi is second only to Carnival in size and importance in South America, and while it is celebrated in a variety of ways, it is always a celebration of the relationship between the sun, earth, seasons and the people of the Incas.

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The "Inti Raymi" or "Fiesta del Sol" was the biggest, most important, spectacular and magnificent feast carried out at the time of the Tahuantinsuyo Empire, which based its religion on the cult of the Sun festival.

The Inti Raymi was made to worship the "Apu Inti" (Sun God) also known in some quarters as "Apu P'unchau" (God Day).

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The subjects of the Inca continued celebrating the feast hidden from the Spanish authorities, and a mongrel named Garcilaso de la Vega collected in his famous Royal Commentaries, descriptions of this unique and incomparable party.

He entrance of the Inca to the Main Square or the Esplanade of Sacsayhuaman was always presided over by a group of "acllas" that sprinkled flowers and accompanied by Pichaq men who were responsible for scaring with straw brooms evil spirits that might have in the path.

His “kumillo” or hunchback dwarf carrying the “Achiwa” sort of umbrella always accompanied the Inca in all outdoor performances or parasol made of colored feathers.

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Another part of the celebration of Inti Raymi was at the ceremony of the new fire.

In this part of the ceremony, the Inca order to extinguish the fire in all the kitchens of Cusco and surroundings with the purpose of lighting the new fire that was spread to all the city´s kitchens.

This because the cooks are experts not only in cooking but also in keeping the fire from the ashes.

#How to Go there ?

Fly to Lima from Mumbai on Air France via Paris. Fly to Cusco from Lima ,1090 Km away.


On 24 June every year the winter solstice is celebrated, in other words the beginning of the Andean New Year: Inti Raymi.

#Where: Fortress of Sacsayhuaman, Cusco,Perú.

Start : 09:00 a.m ,Temple of the Qorikancha (El Sol Avenue).

Ceremony :10:30 a.m. , Hawqaypata Square (Main Square of Cusco).

Central Ceremony: 01:45 p.m. , Chukipampa Explanada – Sacsayhuaman.

#Stay :

Being an imprtant tourist sites , Cusco have plenty of accomdation.

# What is going to be add more interesting things in this trip ?

1. High Altitude experience ; Spend an easy day in Cusco to be acclimatised to the high altitude (11.150 ft) before heading off to explore the city.

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2. There is an opportunity to meet people from different places and to exchange experiences and anecdotes with them. Cusco have the most important festival in Perú on 24 th June. In this month, Cusco receives more tourists than the rest of the year.

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2. Every June 24, the day that feels colder in Cusco, the weather in the morning is sunny.

This day the sun is at its most distant point from the earth and coincides with the winter solstice, the Inti Raymi or "Festival of the Sun" is celebrated in Sacsayhuaman, this celebration had fundamental importance in the incanate.

It is It is freezing season.Don't forget to bring something warm for when night falls.

3. Andean chants are heard in Quechua, worship the Sun God.

The ¨Acllas¨ with unique beauty women chosen to serve the Inca and the Sun God or Inti, they are in charge of worshiping the Sun God with their sweet voices.

The Inca talks with the sun, also in Quechua, as in the past.

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