A Festival of Nothingness?


You know that feeling when you are browsing the internet and something interesting pops-up. I know this happens more than 10 times in a day, but what I came across was something different. A friend of mine posted about an event named as Shoonya - ‘Celebration of Nothingness’.

Nothingness festival? It made me curious and I thought of becoming a part of it just to find out what ‘nothingness’ means.

So I went to Jibhi where this festival was happening. Jibhi is a beautiful place and I could just sit there for hours and do 'nothing'. But was that the answer to my question? I thought to ask this question to a few other people who were attending the festival. Have a look at this video to find what I found by attending this festival.

This was indeed a beautiful festival. And I did find my Shoonya at this festival. To know more about the festival, check out www.projectshoonya.com. They organize this festival in June month every year and this year it is happening on June 21-22-23 in Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh.