A Few Banks To Barbeque By!

5th Jan 2015
Photo of A Few Banks To Barbeque By! 1/4 by Karishma
Indus bank by Sindhu Ghat
Photo of A Few Banks To Barbeque By! 2/4 by Karishma
Parvati River- Odi Thach
Photo of A Few Banks To Barbeque By! 3/4 by Karishma
Chilka Lake
Photo of A Few Banks To Barbeque By! 4/4 by Karishma
Nooks in the Vembanad Lake

Outdoors are always fun. You needn’t be the most adventurous or daring to set up a camp and unwind beneath the stars.

Give a thought to a holiday where you stay by the riverside, read a book, light a bonfire and when hunger calls, you get it grilling!

For all enthusiasts here’s a list of rivers and lakes in India, which you’ll love to barbeque by!

Cooking in the open, on a holiday just adds that extremely personal touch to it! Explore these sites for more than just nature’s beauty. And while we have spent years thinking how it would be to barbeque down by the river, why not just do it once! Plus, even the laziest cooks in the kitchen, love working the grill out in the open!

At the banks of river Indus in Ladakh is a great destination- Sindhu Ghat. In the strange yet serense scenery of Ladakh, this Ghat lies as a peaceful stretch. The Choglamsar village at the banks of the river offers home stays and home cooked meals to travelers. You can pitch a tent on the banks or check into one of the home stay options. In both cases, you can definitely arrange to get a small barbeque stand or get grilling right over your bonfire! There’s something alluring about the charred and hot in the barren beauty in chilly Ladkah!
Photo of Sindhu Ghat, Ladakh by Karishma
Trekkers have surely heard of and explored this popular destination in Himachal Pradesh. By the banks of river Parvati, Odi Thach is a beautiful meadow that passes through the famous Pandu Bridge made from a single rock. Camping in Odi Thach is a beautiful experience and you can be assured that carrying a mini grill set and getting some lovely local produce from nearby villages will make your holiday much more satisfying! For those who can’t get enough- you can also trek to Mantalai Lake, another gorgeous water body a fair climb ahead and set base there for a day- it’s great place for a relaxing picnic!
Photo of Odi Thach- Mantalai Lake, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India by Karishma
You have all heard of this one, but have you thought of it this way? Chilka Lake, the brackish water lake and the largest coastal lake in India, can be an amazing site to spend some culinary time by. On your next trip to Orissa…do land up at Asia’s largest inland salt-water lagoon! For those who love sea-food, there’s no end to the options, and one you have made a list of things to try- picture yourself on the sandy banks of this lake, grilling some prawns on your very own! I say, you should even try getting on one of the fishing boats in the lake, to be part of this natural wonder in India, even more!
Photo of Chilika Lake, Puri, Odisha, India by Karishma
Yes, it’s India’s longest lake and the largest in incredible Kerala, but the wonders of relaxing by this lake and enjoying that slow fire near your feet is something else. The houseboats and snake race are the major attractions on Vembanad Lake. The lake makes an enchanting picnic spot and provides house boat stays, fishing and sightseeing experiences. Get down from your houseboat and spread a mat across the banks while you prepare to grill some freshly caught delights or some lovely local veggies! Get some fresh coconuts from the trees around, and you are set for an evening of joy!
Photo of Vembanad Lake, Ernakulam, Kerala, India by Karishma