A Few Pages from my Singapore Diaries

Photo of A Few Pages from my Singapore Diaries 1/4 by Yamini Iyer

One of the busiest cities in the world, Singapore is a city-state and country. Despite limited land area and few natural resources, it is one of the world's most thriving economies. Singapore should be next on your bucket list if you love visiting cities and experiencing local cultures and cuisines. With beautiful, artificial landmarks, Singapore is every traveller's fantasy come true.

As you book your trip, you will get a lot of travel advice from travel companies, friends and relatives. There are many places to visit and often not enough time to see everything. Here is a list of experiences you must indulge in if you are looking at a short trip to Singapore:

1. Take a Walk Around the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade

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Imagine exploring a sprawling city on foot with a gorgeous water body as your backdrop. There are skyscrapers to see, restaurants to visit, and park areas to stroll in along the walkway. With many pretty sights on offer, it is one of the most bustling areas of Singapore. Unfortunately, many tourists miss the experience entirely as they are busy running off to more exotic locations. However, if you are someone like me who takes pleasure in walking and experiencing the culture at a leisurely pace, you will love it.

2. Gardens by the Bay

Known for its Garden Artistry, Gardens by the Bay is a horticultural masterpiece. The Flower Dome (a greenhouse), Supertree Grove (tall, tree-like structures) and the Cloud Forest make up this Singapore attraction. An evening visit allows you to enjoy the 'Garden Rhapsody', a coordinated sound and light show featuring Disney and Jurassic Park music. The show is an absolute joy and can also be viewed from the elevated walkway amid the grove.

3. Satay by the Bay

You will come across this lively food court in the complex of the Gardens by the Bay. Swarming with stalls offering cuisines, the place is a little slice of heaven for every foodie from Thai to Turkish. The energy of the area is infectious and is designed to give you a rich experience. So do visit it for some delicious treats.

4. Sentosa Island

Home to one of the biggest resorts in the world, Sentosa Island is the most famous tourist destination in Singapore. Its attractions include the Universal Studios, the S.E.A. Aquarium and the monorail, Madame Tussauds Museum and many more. Apart from the obvious visit to the Universal Studios, do include the S.E.A. aquarium in your itinerary for an ethereal underwater experience. Also, take the Island Monorail for some gorgeous views of the Island.

The Wings of Time show warrants your time and attention as it is a laser light show staged on a water screen using 3D mapping. It is a mesmerising experience that you will carry with you for a long time.

Travel Tip: Keep at least one day aside for Universal Studios as it is a sanctuary for movie lovers and thrill-seekers alike. With its themed rides and street shows, there will be a lot for you to explore.

5. The Singapore Flyer

Photo of A Few Pages from my Singapore Diaries 3/4 by Yamini Iyer

Modelled on the London Eye, the Flyer in Singapore offers breathtaking views of the city. Hop on to the giant observation wheel for the experience of a lifetime as you watch the beauty of Singapore unfold before your eyes.

You could choose to take a simple tour or opt for the more expensive dining experience. This architectural and technological marvel is the pride of Singapore.

6. The Merlion

After you have walked around the Marina Bay Water Front Promenade, make a trip to the Merlion. The official mascot of Singapore, the Merlion, is a mythical creature combining the physical elements of a lion and a fish, thereby establishing Singapore's status as a sea-town. The beautiful water body around the Merlion is swarming with hundreds of visitors each day, making it one of the most popular tourist spots in the city. Visit it for some gorgeous selfies for your social media posts.

7. Marina Bay Sands Observation Deck

Photo of A Few Pages from my Singapore Diaries 4/4 by Yamini Iyer

If you are not staying at Marina Bay Sands, you must visit the hotel for its Observation Deck. Apart from panoramic views of the city, the deck is also a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the atmosphere. Forever abuzz with activity, it is a beautiful escape from all the 'touristy activities'.

The hotel also houses a casino and a shopping mall.

Singapore is a multi-faceted, multi-cultural and dynamic country with attractions for every temperament. Therefore, make the most of your Singapore experience and do not be tied down by anyone else's itinerary; create your own travel experience as per your inclinations.