21st Oct 2018
Photo of A GLIMPSE OF McLEODGANJ (McLLO) by baishali tamuly

Duration: 1D/2N

Place: A suburb of Dharamsala, Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh. It’s around 8 to 9 km from Dharamsala city.

Mode of Transport: Private Car.

It was four O’clock in evening, cold and aura of freshness in the wind of Mcleodganj took away all the tiredness of twelve hours of journey from the capital. Ecstatic! Admitting as a new comer to the city, I was excited and enthusiastic to roam around it. Walking through the streets, got to learn bit about traditions and culture of Tibetans. Evening prayer in the nodal centered monastery caught the attention of travelers and got attracted towards it that led to floating of sacred vibes in the air. On the other extreme, Mcleodganj opened up a plenty of opportunities for one of my favourite aspect to explore in the city – FOOD!! Usually, I have grappled up with food items too much. Still, I tried to manage to have a balance diet in each meal but I failed (LOL!). Delicious cakes of “The Clay Oven”, recipes of “Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen” and dishes of “Nick's Italian Kitchen” were topped in my list.

Photo of A GLIMPSE OF McLEODGANJ (McLLO) 1/1 by baishali tamuly
Dharamsala to Mcleodganj Road!!

Morning View: The warm and cozy kiss by the ray of the Sun coming in through the window compelled me to wake up to enjoy the marvelous mountain view from our hotel balcony. The gentle morning wind created a lovely melody in around. The lovely view of mountains, purest light of sun and majestic wind took me to the heaven on earth. Sitting in the balcony, listening to your favourite playlist, depth in connection with mountains would give a feel of floating in somewhere other world.

Morning view from hotel balcony!

Photo of Hotel Shivani International, Bhagsu Nag, Mcleod-Ganj, Himachal Pradesh, India by baishali tamuly

BhagsuNag Road!

Photo of Bhagsunag Road, McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India by baishali tamuly

The most excited and must visit place in Mcllo is SHIVA CAFÉ!!!, located on top of Bhagsu Nag waterfall (Café behind the mountain), approx. 2 km up from our hotel. This place is must-see esp. for wine lovers and the outdoors and for hanging-out with friends. Bucolic Shiva Café! We surprisingly climbed it within 25 minutes. Paintings of Hindu god and goddess and crafting of quotations on slate rock made the café more attractive. Great Experience of chilled out with yummy foods of this café with glasses of wine. All my sense filled with food items like watermelon juice, banana honey pancake, chicken cheese pizza, and maggie (of course!) etc. along with soft euphonic music.

Shiva Café!

Photo of Shiva Cafe, McLeodganj Rd, Loharkadi Upper Sudher, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India by baishali tamuly

A joy in the air is palpable; the tuning of flowing water and rocks protected by green charming mountain is scenic and grabbed my sight for a period of time. Suddenly, it started to drizzle, the rain seems adventure on the top of the mountain with soothe dazzling of sun shine. We enjoyed the soft and warm tiny raindrops which hit us carelessly. The gentle wind carried the rain along with the romantic sun rays behind the clouds on the sky pushed me to engage my heart into the charming beauty of nature with a cup of coffee and fall in love with the graceful earth. We engaged our mind in the game of clouds and the sun in the sky until the wind got the clouds away. We just took the opportunity to enjoy the fun of nature to the fullest.

view from top of Bhagsunaag Waterfall.

Photo of A GLIMPSE OF McLEODGANJ (McLLO) by baishali tamuly

It was 5:30 P.M., time flew in the blink of eyes in Shiva Café. We stepped down, headed towards markets of 3 kms from there, had ginger lemon honey tea in the midway to Mcllo’ market, had light dinner at the end. Next day morning, we had our delicious breakfast with apple crumble cake, Chocolate Mousse Cake, Chocolate Pancake, Cold coffee and many more in "Nick's Italian Kitchen".

Enchanting beauty of Mclloeodganj!

Photo of A GLIMPSE OF McLEODGANJ (McLLO) by baishali tamuly

Journey of Mcleodganj was one of the best and short trip of my life. Mcleodganj actually owe my heart away.

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