A Journey of Soul

11th May 2017
Photo of A Journey of Soul by Roselin Kiro

For many Travelling is a passion, a hobby, a dream and even a profession for some but understanding the real meaning and purpose of travelling is what I learned from the TRAVEL SCHOOL at Aliyar, Pollachi, Tamil Nadu. A break from the hustle bustle life of Delhi to this serene place where life is simple, beautiful, slow and steady. This Travel School was the brainchild of Kumar Shaw a storyteller, theatre artist, cyclist, and a young visionary leader who hails from Tamil Nadu. Understanding self, purpose of our existence, experiencing the nature closely was the purpose of this travel. Like minded travelers from across the country joined this camp which was a costless trip except our travel to and from Delhi to Chennai. Self sustainability was the theme of the camp. The travelers were exposed to the organic farming, rain water harvesting, making seed balls, thematic painting of village school classrooms, trekking and traveling from one village to other walking 10-20 kms at a stretch and perform drama based on Environment Conservation. Extremely beautiful place blessed with forests, mountains, rivers, diverse flora and fauna and good people with pure soul. They are extremely talented with selfless love and care living with the mantra of simplicity. Much to learn from this place and live by it. A one of a kind travel experience.

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