A journey to tranquility through traveling


Every subject has their pros and cons, some of them share it equally, while some has more number of pros and less number of cons. But traveling is a part of life that has only pros and no cons.

As for an instance, when I was small; I wasn't keen on traveling. But gradually, I grew more interested in traveling. It helps to relax and is a way to take a break from this hectic life.

Once I went to a place called Mirik, whose name comes from the Lepcha words Mir-Yok, meaning "place burnt by fire". It is a tourist spot located in the hills of Darjeeling district. It was a one day trip. I started my journey from 8 in the morning from Siliguri junction and returned at 5 in the evening. The place had a serene beauty itself which made me realise what peace and tranquility is. There is a lake in Mirik called Sumendu lake which garners the attention of the tourists. The lake is surrounded by Savitri Pushpaudyan, a garden,on one side and pine trees on the other side,connected together by an arching footbridge called Indreni Pool. In the lake one can find lots of fish to whom people feed bread , biscuits or puffed rice available in the market over there.

Over all, Mirik is a wonderful place to catch a breathe in order to regain the inner energy that one has to gather in order to continue with the monotonous life one leads.

Thus, for me traveling only acts as a boon, as it gives me knowledge, strength as well as peace of mind in order to lead a good life.

Sumendu lake, Mirik, Darjeeling district,West Bengal

Photo of Mirik, West Bengal, India by Romita Chowdhury
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