A Lady Named Rosa

Photo of A Lady Named Rosa 1/1 by Anuj Tikku

I was roaming the port town of Maputo and letting the place sink in. I knew I was getting dead bored and needed some respite. There was Rosa, the beautiful receptionist, at the hotel and who I had been trying to hook up with for some time. Rosa, like a rose! After a few days of persuasion, I walked out and gifted her a box of Ferrero Roche chocolates. After days of diligently making excuses, she finally relented for a dinner date with me. We spent time in the evening hopping around the street downtown of Maputo enjoying ourselves by dancing on the road and making funny faces at people. Finally, we arrived at an Italian restaurant for some beer and pizza.

Photo of Maputo, Maputo City, Mozambique by Anuj Tikku

To my horror, she asked me if she could invite her sister over too. “Well, I thought it was our date darling. Your sister is only going to be a disruption in our time together.” She gave me the sweetest smile anyone had ever given me and finally, I relented, hoping to enjoy the company of two nice young African women.

Photo of A Lady Named Rosa by Anuj Tikku

Her sister arrived and we got down for dinner. Loads of pizzas and beer as we got familiar around the table and took pictures. As the beer got down in me, I looked into her eyes and she looked back into mine. I loved her expression and she loved my smile. Slowly, we ate the pizza and munched at the salad. The Olympics at Rio was on in the background and the music seemed to be playing. Suddenly, she asked rather out of context “Who is your favourite singer?”. Pat came my reply “Beyonce, I love her songs and her music, especially the number Daddy Lessons.

In an instant as if on cue, we started dancing on the floor. I held Rosa tight in my arms and kissed her. Her sister was on to me and took pictures in a flash which have since become shared as a Facebook post! I thought it was all in on a fulfilling evening of fun and frolic.

Photo of A Lady Named Rosa by Anuj Tikku

I gave her the taxi money and we kissed each other goodnight, promising to do it all over again tomorrow. But I knew that wouldn't be happening, as she did too. For tomorrow, I was set to go to Tanzania, deeper into my African Journey!

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