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Expect the unexpected, when you are in the King's territory..
Duration: 1 Day

so we decided to do a little going around in our vehicle at midnight since we were in the forest area. Off course we had a local guiding us through villages..but the deal is, you just keep driving around till your patience runs out or you get lucky. One obvioysly is not allowed to enter the actual forest without permissions and officials alongwith. And hence we had given up after driving around for bout 200 kms for almost 5 hours. We were 9 of us in the vehicle of which 7 of us almost dosed off including the local, as a result of which the driver took the wrong turn. Once we realised the mistake, we took a u turn and headed  back towards our hotel. But as they say sometimes a missed turn is a blessing in disguise. Not later than 10 mins on the correct road, we had to bring the car to a screeching halt, as a gorgeous cat couple was just relaxing on the middle of the road.
Couldnt have been a better adventure, 5 hours of driving through the night and the sighting happens just before we get back.

Photos of Sasan Gir, Gujarat, India 1/2 by Chandni Mehta
Photos of Sasan Gir, Gujarat, India 2/2 by Chandni Mehta

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