A Love Letter To Waterfalls

17th Jun 2021
Photo of A Love Letter To Waterfalls by Niyati Saxena (migrantmusings)
Day 1

Do you remember the first time we met? At Dudhsagar?
I was so excited that my ponytails were flailing atop my head as I flung my velcro shoes,
And, ran straight to meet you.

I was 5 years old then but a little over 2 decades later,
I don't think I've changed, I never learnt
To love you with the calmness of adults,
I still meet you like a child who throws her shoes away for my feet tread the kilometres just to dip into your water's folds.

You know the time when I was a teenager at summer camp I was attempting to be the first one to get an audience with you,
I slipped and cut my chin, got called clumsy and reckless,
But don't you see? That's what you do to me.

I could swim in your depths in Meghalaya or perch upon your hidden nooks in Barot,
And, yet, what I know for sure is that my love for you will always be childlike,
Too giddy to be steady,
Bursting with giggles across my face that seasons with years,
But with smiles that are still as wide every time they catch even a fleeting glimpse of you.

I love wrapping myself in your cascading  robes, to dress up in your soul and for a split second be like you,
Strong, powerful and liberated,
It's just too tempting to tell myself to get a hold.

So, let me grow, let our love grow but let me love you like a blushing child who doodles you on the back pages of her notebook,
Who replays our each encounter till they're cemented in my head,
And, who believes with her whole heart that 'forever' is real.

I will love you forever, my turbulent dear.

On the Rajgundha Trek this waterfall is a lesser visited spot between Bir Billing and Barot Valley.

Photo of Barot Valley by Niyati Saxena (migrantmusings)