A movie Can Change How You See Yourself


There are tons of movies out there that are designed to motivate someone who is having hard times trying to accept themselves. There are also films that are designed to hit reality hard but at the same time beautifully send a message on how to get-over and transcend to emerge from the harsh reality being depicted. Most people doubt themselves nowadays and it is no longer something that is acceptable as well. Something can be done but there are a lot of people who seem to make it hard for people who are struggling—there is always a way to help people accept themselves and sometimes, movies do the job instead of people in physical contact with others.

There Are Movies Out There Designed To Challenge The Norm

There are people out there who are already consumed by the narrative of cruelty, bullying, and derogatory actions and even remarks towards people whom they think can defend nor speak for themselves. People also seem to ignore the degrading remarks and actions of other people as if the actions and words are done and uttered at a normal basis. The world needs a catalyst for change and films are those that can impact people fully and surely. Moreover, if movies can also make people cry, it can leave a message to people as well.

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Some Movies You Need To Watch

The Pursuit of Happyness is one of the megashare for self-esteem. “Do not ever let somebody tell you “you can’t do something” not even me.” is one of the biggest quotations coming from a dad or a father to his son. Making someone have that self-resilience in just one short clip. It had made a lot of people rethink on how they think about themselves and who they really are. A father is not even a person who can tell you what to do and what not to do—as long as you want it, go for it.

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Do not care what people say, you can also watch Happy Feet 2 to see how important it is to be able to have that self-importance to not think about what other people say about what you do. You can be unique and you can still be the best. You can get out of the well-warmed path and still end up more successful and climb a higher mountain than the rest. It is amazing how a movie can do that.

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