A natural gas field which turned to “The door to hell”

Photo of A natural gas field which turned to “The door to hell” 1/1 by isha chopra

The “Door to hell” or “Gates of hell” is a real life encounter to what we often term as the result of our bad “karmas”. The red hot burning cavern (also known as Darvaza gas crater) laced with big orange flames is a gateway to another world after death. Pacify your inquisitive nerves as we take you down the lane of boiling mud through the center of earth.

1) The site in Derweze, Turkmenistan is a natural gas field which collapsed into a cave underground sidelining the earthy materials around. The dimensions of the resulting cave were 69 metres in diameter and 30 metres in depth.

2) The release of methane gas was identified as the most potential threat which could result from the underground crater (cave).

3) If released, the dangerous gases would have poisoned the surroundings and many lives would have been lost/paralysed.

4) In order to fight the consequences, geologists studied the site and decided to put it on fire instead. Thinking that it would prevent the massive damage to the environment in vicinity.

5) The big responsibility to curb the menace which started in 1971 has left the site burning ever since.

6) Don’t you believe it yet? Tourists are allowed to visit the site and you can also be among the list of lucky ones! Have you got what it takes?

Posted by: Isha Chopra

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