A Perfect Guide to Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala


Ayurveda, considered as the science of life and endurance is the oldest healthcare system in the world. This ancient healthcare system is followed in the state of Kerala as an unbroken tradition and is also used as a mainstream medicine. Not only this, Kerala also has the maximum number of Ayurvedic foundations (colleges) and practitioners in the world. In fact, Kerala tourism is widespread among foreign tourists for its Ayurveda treatments. So, if indulging in some calming and relaxing Ayurvedic treatment is on your mind during your visit to the Land of Ayurveda, here is the perfect guide to the finest Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala:

Abhyanga Snana or medicated oil massage

It is an opulently relaxing and idyllically comforting warm body oil massage. If you wish to galvanize and gear up your body, this massage will surely work wonders for you. The massage has healing qualities and is extremely beneficial for relieving stress and fatigue and nourishing all parts of the body. Abhyanga Snana is traditionally performed in the morning, prior to taking a shower. Besides nourishing your body, this pleasant massage shall assist in toning your muscles, calming your nerves and eliminating any impurities from your body.

Kati Vasti: Therapy to cure the aliments of back area

Kati Vasti is an extremely beneficial and miraculous Ayurvedic treatment that cures ailments connecting to the lower back and spine. The procedure comprises of specifically prepared therapeutic oil which is massaged over the lower back for a defined period of time. This phenomenal Ayurvedic treatment will help you tackle problems like back pain, sciatica and spinal dislocations.


Also termed as herbal powder massage, Udwartana is a stimulating and exfoliating treatment. The herbal powder prepared for this treatment is rubbed all over your body in order to remove the dead skin cells and to reduce fat. This is a very comforting massage and will cure your nutritional disorders.

Shirodhara (Moordhanya Dhara) with Oil

Shirodhara is amongst the most demanded Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala. The procedure involves streaming therapeutic oil onto one’s forehead and gently massaging it for a brief period of time. This treatment is highly recommended if you are suffering from headache due to high stress level. The treatment aids in alleviating stress and calming your mind. Shirodhara also increases the flow of oxygen to the brain and progresses your nervous system.


This particular Ayurvedic treatment is aimed at improving the functions of the ear. Under this treatment, your ear canals will be soaked in the medicated oils and massaged gently. It is a perfect treatment to improve the clarity of your mind and curing any ailments such as ear infection or poor hearing. Since our eyes and ears are connected to each other, Karnapoorana also refreshes the eyes.

These Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala help in building your health and wellness. Each of them target specific parts of your body for complete healing and optimal functioning of your body. If you are travelling to Kerala to experience the incredible Ayurvedic treatments, customizing your Kerala packages will be a feasible option for you. With a customized package you will get the unsurpassed experience of the Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala.

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