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Being wedded is a beautiful emotion. And if the wedding ceremony is organized in a ceremonial style in the heartland of the land of royals, Rajasthan, it has all the features of a memorable extravaganza that is sure to bring shivers down your spine. Rajasthan is known to host a number of celebrity destination weddings, each being grander than the previous. Owing to picturesque locations, royal forts, palaces and expert wedding planners, Rajasthan is the place to go if you aspire to host a memorable destination wedding.

A picturesque wedding in Rajasthan can be organized with the help of the Best Wedding Planner in Udaipur & Destination Wedding Planner in Udaipur, Jaipur Jodhpur , Jaisalmer or Rajasthan. Wedding planners in Rajasthan have the necessary expertise and experience to get the best out of a picturesque location and make a wedding event more memorable than it can be. Moreover, they create props and stages that seem to have come out of a dream or fantasy land.

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The settings make the bride and the groom centerpieces of their own story and receive all the attention they look for on a wedding day. Setting up the plot for a destination wedding in Rajasthan with the help of a wedding planner is an easy task if you have taken the right decision in choosing the best wedding planner. Getting hold of a wedding planner who has industry connections, rich knowledge, high expertise, experience and plenty of success wedding planning stories ensure that there are lesser chances of an unwanted happening at a ceremony.

Rajasthani Food:

The ancient princely state of Rajasthan gave rise to a royal cuisine. The Rajas who went on hunting expeditions ate the meat or the fowl that they brought back. Even today, Rajasthan princely feasts flaunt meat cuisines that are incomparable. In contrast are the vegetarian Rajasthanis. Their food cooked in pure ghee is famous for its mouth- watering aroma.

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1. Jaipur Weddings

The "pink city" of Jaipur is a favorite destination. The range from authentic ornate palaces -- such as the Raj Palace, Rambagh Palace, and Jai Mahal Palace to old mansions.Destination Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Jaipur the regal city of Rajasthan is rich in castle lodgings, spectacular fortifications, marvellous havelis and numerous other imperial venues for the weddings.

2. Udaipur Weddings

Known as the city of lakes and palaces, Udaipur really is one of the most romantic and charming places in India. A lot of this charm comes from the city's regal palace buildings For those who still want to get married in an authentic palace, but in more contemporary style, there is Devi Gargh. Located around 45 minutes from Udaipur, this rambling 18th century fort-palace has been refurbished in modern minimalistic style.

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Indian culture has a reserved place in our hearts specially the Rajasthani Culture reflected by ancient havelis, yummy finger-licking food served with lots of khatirdari added up with the word “Hukum”. So, to make this dream of yours of a rich, royal and lushed attractive Wedding to take place.

3. Jodhpur Weddings

The extraordinary Umaid Bhawan palace hotel, with a hilltop location overlooking the "blue city" of Jodhpur, has played host to some very lavish weddings indeed. The palace is very much a modern day one imposing Mehrangarh Fort, which towers over Jodhpur, is a sought after place for wedding receptions.

Some pointers to keep in mind while trying to host a memorable wedding in Rajasthan include choosing a royal wedding venue, having a set budget keeping in mind the luxuriousness of the ceremony, conveying the ideas to an expert wedding planner, and giving full freedom to the wedding planner to organize a grand wedding ceremony.

It is always advisable to avail the services of one of the best destination wedding planners in Rajasthan to host a grand wedding in Rajasthan. The experience and expertise of a professional wedding planner will help the family to organize the wedding in the most beautiful way, where each guest would feel special and the family would experience a sense of contentment.

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