A Pleasant Encounter With Mr. & Mrs. Gupta


What happens when two people, never been on a wild (life) trip ever before, pick Tadoba Tiger Reserve to break the monotony & explore the forest & its likes instead of chilling on the beaches or breaking the dance floor? They not only learn amazing things about the jungle and its language but also meet wildlife enthusiasts, who are supremely knowledgeable. Yes, this is exactly what our 3-day trip to Tadoba looked like.

My sister and I had been waiting to take a trip together and we finally made it. To be honest, none of us have been animal-lovers in the past, so this was something we were looking forward to. A little change never hurts.

Since wildlife sancturies are all about taking safari rides to the jungle and spotting the wild animals, we were all excited and geared up for the adventure. Being just two of us, we were told to share our safari rides with another couple. Though we were a little sceptical in the beginning, we later found out that the couple was more sceptical than us. That's because they were crazy wildlife enthusiasts and were looking to explore as much as possible in their own way.

So we finally meet Mr. & Mrs. Gupta from Delhi, an old yet charming couple, full of life and energy. On our first safari ride together, Mr. Gupta impressed us with his amazing knowledge about the forest, the animals, the birds & the trees and to top it all off- his photography skills. Our jaws dropped!

We were just so glad to have met such veterans when it comes to roaming in the wild on our first trip to a wildlife sanctuary itself. Mr. Gupta was aware all the time, spotting the tiniest of birds and naming them correctly. His knowledge surpassed the tour guide's, MUST say. He made the safari rides extremely interesting for us with his past travel stories, as we waited to spot the Tigers after spotting Tiger pugs.

Being oh-so-positive all the time, we totally loved the vibes we got from the couple each time we met them. Though the two of us used to be half-sleepy for our 4 AM safari rides, Mr. & Mrs. Gupta looked fresh as a daisy, thus, inspiring us. Oh, and the cutest moment was when we realised that they called each other 'Mumma' & 'Papa'. What's not to love?

Mr. Gupta being aware all the time, helped us with a lifetime experience at Tadoba. We not only spotted Tigers but also saw a Tiger kill, all thanks to him.

P.S- The best of pictures that you can spot in the gallery are all clicked by Mr. Gupta!

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