A Ride To Mammalapuram

27th Feb 2019
this video displays the places of interest in mammalapuram.

we started around 7 in the morning from chennai and throttled to mammalapuram with a couple of pit stops and reached the coastal heritage site. Mammalapuram is a coastal region full of ancient sculptures and temples that where carved in 7th century under pallava empire. Going back to history pallava kingdom is known for their epic artwork with stone carving. mamallapuram is one of the unesco's world heritage site and it was a busy port in late 4th century. The world stone carving association has accredited mamallapuram as World Stone Carving City. apart from all these sculptures and stone carvings there is an other side of mamallapuram which consists of beach shacks , surfing, Cafes and lot more that lure and promote hippie culture. I found few hippies roaming in the shores of mamallapuram who travelled from south carolina for a 3 month vaccation and this was their last 20 days in mamallapuram. They have been to Goa and Gokarna earlier and wanted to sign off their trip from mahabs.

Photo of A Ride To Mammalapuram 1/1 by Ajay Godsson Davis

The shore temple is the place of interest where most tourists visit during the trip. This temple is located in the shore of bay of bengal. you can have a walk, sit leisurely in the grass and read a book or hear music. This place is a soul stirring one gentle reeze from the sea all over the day large lawn area to get away from the chaos and get lost in our own world.