A Day Trip to Zarwani Waterfall, Rajpipla, Gujarat.

5th Jul 2018
Photo of A Day Trip to Zarwani Waterfall, Rajpipla, Gujarat. by Pinal Mehta

Location: Thawadia checkpost, Narmada dam site, Rajpipla

Route: Vadodara – Dabhoi – Rajpipla – Village Gora – Zarwani (Distance approx.110 kms)


This is a short day trip that I did last year. I thought of sharing my experience as there is no mention of the Zarwani falls in detail. I feel this is still a less explored place and a must visit for people who like nature, adventure and wildlife.

Photo of A Day Trip to Zarwani Waterfall, Rajpipla, Gujarat. 1/2 by Pinal Mehta


How to Reach:

Ahmedabad to Vadodara – on the expressway approx 98 kms.Vadodara-Dabhoi-Rajpipla-Gora Village- Shoolpaneshwar Sanctuary – 130 Kms

After the express way you drive onto the SH towards Dabhoi from Vadodara, which is a good country road with rural traffic in patches. As you approach Rajpipla you start experiencing the green all round with dense vegetation and farms on both sides of the roads. On reaching Narmada Dist you then take a left from the SH towards Gora village this is a narrow road leading through the forest area, once at the forest department check post you pay the entry fees of Rs. 400/ vehicle and enter.

This is where the excitement starts, as you drive on a 15 Km stretch of winding forest track, with virtually no roads, this can get quite slushy during the monsoons.

Photo of A Day Trip to Zarwani Waterfall, Rajpipla, Gujarat. 2/2 by Pinal Mehta

The narrow pathway leads you up and down and across various hillocks, the forest keeps getting denser as you move deeper. And then you drive through a small stream of water which leads you to the Zarwani water falls. This entire stretch will excite any off road enthusiast.

Zarwani Falls

Think of a place where you can remain ‘incommunicado’ at least for a day from the daily gripes and grunts. This waterfall is deep in a jungle where the mobiles are dead and there are no electricity lines overhead.You need to park your vehicle on the rocky terrain near the river banks and trek to reach the falls. You will need to walk through the river, crossing three rapids, with almost 3.5 Ft of water at places to reach the Zarwani water falls. You will find local tribal people who also act as guides and will tell you where exactly to step inside the water, as the bottom has rocks which are slippery at places, and will help you reach the falls. On the way you can take a break and relax on the rocks across the stream of gushing pure water. The water is actually so clean that you can see through and spot small fishes at the bottom.

Camps near the Destination – The Government of Gujarat and Gujarat Tourism has jointly set up some camps near the Zarwani Waterfall. These camps are the only accommodation available near the destination. Apart from this, other accommodations are available in Rajpipla, Kevadia and Garudeswar.


1. To visit the falls, permission has to be availed from the Forest Office.

2. The waterfall is to be trekked from the parking place. It is better to wear sports shoes, shorts and carry light luggage.

3. Avoid slippery rocks while climbing near the waterfalls.

4. Do not litter and avoid plastics.

5. The electricity generated is with solar energy. It should be used responsibly.6.No smoking within the forest and waterfall area.

7. Carry sufficient food and drinking water as there are virtually no eating joints within the forest area.

One can arrange for day picnics or treks with the help of the forest department, with the forest, waterfalls and other natural beauty within easy reach

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