A Solo Traveler’s Guide to London


With such a rich history, London is a go-to place for those that want to take in the views, history and some fun. Since it is a large city, London can take any visitor by storm with the bustling streets and the winding roads. However, it can also provide a lot of excitement and fun for the first, or even second-timer. There is plenty to do with seemingly endless places to visit, foods to try, things to see, and items to buy.

Grab a Delicious Meal

Some of the most delicious food of the world is served in London, including some of the authentic cuisine you can only get within this busy city. Many five star rated restaurants take reservations, or drop ins, if you’re strolling through the area and find yourself hungry. Holy Smoke is impressive, not only with the food quality, but the affordable prices and high quality service. The five course surprise menu is something you can only get from Gastronhome, where you’ll find French fine dining at its best. Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner can all be found at Seven Park Place, so why not stop in and see what the fuss is about?

Must-See’s in London

You will be saying “off with her head!” as soon as you walk through the doors of this tower. The London Tower is where much of history happened with the kings and queens of England. Take the tour, or go through the maze of towers, rooms and vaults on your own. Big Ben is still standing, and letting you know if you are running late for a very important date. Visit inside, or just view the breathtaking clock from down below; it never ceases to impress everyone that visits. The Churchill War Room is a tribune set up for some of the most well-known war heroes in London’s history. Learn more about the men behind the scenes during your visit.

Go Cycling

Cycling through such a beautiful city can prove to not only be a serious work out, but provide you with a way to experience the area in a whole new light. While you slip on your cycling bib shorts, consider taking a ride through Richmond Park, Swain’s Lane or Regent’s Park. Each provides its own set of challenges, but is just as breathtaking as the next. Don't forget safety while navigating the twists and turns with light technology for cyclists that keep them up to date with the latest trends and information.

Women’s cycling is increasing day by day in the UK, and with it comes the urge to skip the car and take the bike to where you have to go. Whether visiting or living within the city, a bike can prove to be one of the most beneficial ways to get to your destinations. With many places to visit, and paths to ride down, London can be ideal for the cyclist at heart looking to explore.

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