A staycation at Pride Plaza Hotel Delhi is everything you need to relax during the pandemic

Photo of A staycation at Pride Plaza Hotel Delhi is everything you need to relax during the pandemic by Vidhi Bubna

Staycation at Pride Plaza Hotel Delhi

Pride Plaza Delhi is located in Aerocity near the airport. The hotel caters to both business passengers and people who are travelling to Delhi for tourism purposes. With a beautiful lobby, cafes, bars and restaurants offering various cuisines, Pride Plaza Delhi offers everything you need for a great staycation. The property is managed under the leadership of Associate Vice President, Mr. Mohammad Shoeb.

Photo of A staycation at Pride Plaza Hotel Delhi is everything you need to relax during the pandemic 1/2 by Vidhi Bubna
Pride Plaza Hotel Delhi

As I entered the hotel, I knew I was set for a great weekend. I entered my suite room with a living room area and the bedroom. The bathroom was also huge with a beautiful bathtub and bathing area. The view from my room was that of Wordmark 1, a shopping and restaurant complex in Aerocity with the best of the best available around. I was welcomed to the staycation with great tarts, chocolate coated strawberries and a welcome drink. I knew my weekend was going to be great.

The interiors of the room were modern and sophisticated. The lighting system was installed in a way which made the lighting of the room perfect with dimness based on my preferences with just some clicks. I filled the bathtub in with water and also used bath salts in it to ensure that it was refreshing. On one of the days, I poured some wine into the bathtub to ensure a great bath. (Note here – wine in the bathtub is not vinotherapy. However, it is proven that it enhances the skin and makes the hair smoother) Bathing in wine was refreshing and made for a great dip. In the evening, I enjoyed sleeping on the bed which was very cozy. The blackout curtains in the room ensured that I had a dimly lit room in the morning and I could sleep till late. Overall, the room was my safe haven during the staycation. With the pandemic going around, I needed a much needed break and a safe property, Pride Plaza Delhi was exactly what I needed.

I changed my clothes and got ready to dip in the pool. The swimming pool might be closed now due to pandemic restrictions. However, you can still sit by the pool and enjoy a drink. The pool opens up to vast open skies and has a great seating area around. It is perfect to read a book. I enjoyed reading Atomic Habits by James Clear around the pool. A gym is also located close to the pool area and is a great place to work out. The view from the gym is green with trees around.

I explored the area around Pride Plaza Hotel. There is a diversity of places around to explore. Wordmark has some of the best restaurants and nightlife. One8 is the best night lounge around and it is owned by popular cricketer Virat Kohli. I took adequate precautions with a mask and explored the area. I came back to my room at the hotel and enjoyed working on the study desk in the living room. It was a great work from home area where I could both rejuvenate and work. I also found myself more focused on my work since I was in a new space which was much needed.

I used my time during the day to relax in the room and eat good meals. I especially loved the breakfast at Café Pride at the property. They had great coffee, waffles, smoothies, shakes, South Indian Dosas and Idlis around. Being a breakfast person, the breakfast is an important part of my morning ritual. I thoroughly enjoyed the breakfast here since it was very diverse. Chocolate coated strawberry waffles with whipped cream were my favorites. F&B Director, Prithpal Singh at the property ensured that we had everything we needed as per our taste. The executive chef Mr. Vikas Pant was also very accommodating. He experimented with the recipes based on our taste and ensured that we had everything we needed.

Photo of A staycation at Pride Plaza Hotel Delhi is everything you need to relax during the pandemic 2/2 by Vidhi Bubna
Pool at Pride Plaza Hotel Delhi

I also tried some drinks at the Stallion Bar which had modern architecture with Kartell chairs. The ambience was perfect for an informal business meeting or for an evening with friends. Oriental Spice, the Asian restaurant at the hotel had a perfect menu of Asian food. I also loved the pastries from Mr. Confectioner, the pastry shop in the lobby of the hotel. If you are a food lover, Pride Plaza Delhi has much to offer to you.

The Sohum spa at the property was amazing. With dim lighting and soothing music playing in the background, the spa played a role in relaxing me. The spa therapist gave me one of my favorite massages – aromatherapy. After the massage, I headed towards the steam room. The experience made me feel more awake and alive. I felt like I had everything I needed in the moment.

I also loved being there by myself and having a great time. The staycation made me feel more alive and helped me break free from my monotonous life during the pandemic. I think travelling is very important because it helps you imagine more. During these tough times, it may not be advisable to travel a lot. However, it is important to take a much needed break. Pride

Plaza Delhi helped me get a much needed break in the city. I had everything I needed at the hotel itself and I did not need to leave.