A story of a Girl who love travlling......


“A ship is safe in the harbor, but that’s not what ships are built for.”

Photo of A story of a Girl who love travlling...... 1/1 by @diti $rivastava

A girl with a big dream of Travelling

A girl whose Passion is a Travelling

A girl whose Happiness in the Travelling

Travelling made her Confident, Social, Interactive, Open Minded, Adjustable above all Self Dependent........

She want to travel her own country at least one with or without anyone.. She love company of friends and relatives but above all she love to explore and get lost in that place... She love to explore hidden gems of INDIA which was less explored so she find true beauty of nature and untouched beauty.. where she can understand local people interact with new people gain knowledge about new things and find peace and happiness in her own...

Travel develop her a lot now she is more Confident, Social, Interactive, Open Minded, Adjustable and Self Dependent...

So many thing which Family and books try to teach her but she didn't understand ever... Travelling teach her everything which is also very important in daily life routine....

After Travel so many places Now she know :

How to adjust in any situation

How to interact with others

From anyone you will learn something new

Crisis Management

How to keep Calm yourself

Value everyone because everyone have their own story

Alone she can conquer the world

Happiness in within yourself 

Being a girl she have to face many problem like she have to convince everyone, security Issue, she have to face what everyone talking about her and so on... also she have to learn about the people behavior which help her in trusting , making friend, their intention and other thing which is required....

Girl who love travelling want to explore go and live your dreams because it will teach you lots of things and I will assure you you will not regret after travelling  anywhere... But be careful while you are travelling alone or in a group... your safety in your hand don't trust random people, Don't become over friendly, take care of your belongings, Use google (its most trusted friend of yours in whole trip)

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