A Sudden Trip To Chandipur

8th Apr 2019
Photo of A Sudden Trip To Chandipur by Sushmit Surendran
Day 1

In the state of Odisha, near Balasore Village in the small town of Chandipur, Chandipur Beach is a secluded place shrouded in mystery. It’s unique because the sea water periodically disappears right in front of your eyes, then reappears after some time. Intrigued? Read on.

Also called the ‘hide-and-seek’ beach, Chandipur Beach is a sprawling stretch of golden sand surrounded by Casuarina trees, pristine waters, and lush coastal vegetation. But a strange natural phenomenon occurs here every day. Believe it or not, the sea water recedes up to 5 kilometres (3 miles), twice a day during low-tide, leaving behind only the shells. The water returns during the high tide.

This extreme natural phenomenon has really enriched the biodiversity of sea creatures in the area. When the sea water re-appears, it brings along with it horseshoe crabs and red crabs, which otherwise live further from the beach.

This phenomenon is thought to be unique to this beach. There’s no fixed time that the tide retreats, as it depends on the moon cycle, but it happens every day. Locals are familiar with the timings of the low and high tides.The sunrises and sunsets are particularly spectacular at this beach, whether the tide is in or out.

Another interesting fact about Chandipur is that it is home to DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization) Integrated Research Range, where ballistic missiles are test-fired.

Chandipur Beach is also a great place to try some lip-smacking fresh seafood at one of the many restaurants lining the beach.

We batchmates were planning for a Trip since March and was not possible to make it happen. After our farewell we planned a trip to Chandipur it was all sudden.We booked a traveler for About 23rs per km.

We started by 1.30pm and reached by 6.30 it was all dark and there was no water flowing at that time we went towards water walked about 2 km inside where we could sea the flow.

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