"A Surreal world called Kausani"


A perfect place for every kind of traveler, whether it's honeymoon to a relaxed one, from a backpacker to a college or office friends group, Kausani is there to surprise everyone who visits here. Located on the top of the hill, gives an inspiring view and surroundings, it's gaining a lot of popularity these days. It's a perfect place for the ones who wants to become a writer or poet, here you don't have to look for words, just sit in solitude and words will themselves strike in your mind. Giving perfect view of 300 kms of Himalayan range, the hill station was given the title of Switzerland of India by Mahatma Gandhi.

Kausani is not a place for those who like happening places or malls, but for those who are looking for peace and tranquility, solitude. There is nothing to do in Kausani, except enjoying the views of the Himalayas and sunrise and sunsets. For people who would like to explore can go for nature walk, bird watching, can visit Pant museum, Anashakti ashram or Gandhi ashram, shawl factory and Tea Factory.

Being a silent and cozy hill station, one of the most peaceful places in India you will ever find. There are very less number of hotels and eating joints, there are very less restaurants and most of the hotels have their own in-house restaurants to cater their guests. The entire town gets to sleep maximum by 8 PM, so you won't get anything to eat in late hours. You may shop local made shawls and tea from the Tea factory.

You need not to be busy in any kind of activity while in Kausani, the views of the Himalayas itself will keep you busy the whole day. There are no activities in Kausani to keep you busy. There are very less Hill stations in India, which can be compared to the beauty of Kausani.

Visit Kausani once and trust me you will fall in love with this lovely hill station and you will promise yourself to come back again and again. You may travel by your own car but travelling through train would be recommended, get down at Kathgodam and further distance can be covered by taxi or local buses. Carrying torch is must.

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