A Touch Of The Cloud- Nagarkot, Nepal

15th May 2014

Beautiful green fields in Nagarkot

Photo of Beautiful green fields in Nagarkot by UsInWanderland
Photo of by UsInWanderland
Photo of by UsInWanderland

Serene Greenery in Nagarkot

Photo of Serene Greenery in Nagarkot by UsInWanderland

In Nagarkot

Photo of In Nagarkot by UsInWanderland


Photo of Nagarkot by UsInWanderland

Perched atop a hill sits Nagarkot. It’s surrounded by rice fields grown in terrace farming, so they look like tea gardens, only equally beautiful. If Nagarkot were a queen, she would look like she has worn this elaborate leaf green gown, the tow of her heels pointed proudly up, her crown half-green and half-white topped by a feather that waves with the wind. I don’t have the apt either technical nor philosophical words to describe what Nagarkot evokes in me. I felt all my senses working overtime when I heard clearly the sounds of some strange bugs, of the birds that sang without reason. I let the grass wet from dew tickle me. I touched the moist leaves of the trees along the way. I smelled soil, flowers, chai- all at once. I saw a fog of the cloud crossing the road. I ran to touch it and felt a strange sensation.

Yet Nagarkot is not about pleasures. It’s about joys. The joy of talking to the school-going kids who refused to speak to me in Hindi, they preferred the only English they knew. The joy of lying down on a meadow, and noticing the blue sky looking back at me between Devdar trees. The joy of zooming out a lens to steal a peak inside those kaccha houses that brilliantly balanced themselves on the rocks of the hill. The joy of just taking a nap under a tall tree, in absolute silence, broken only once in a while by the aggressive breeze.

It’s definitely one of those places where you go and face a few hard questions asked to yourself like: Isn't this the actual true life? Why don’t you live like this? Why cannot you leave everything else and make a living here? 

Ihave always known but  realised this again here. That why joy is beyond sensual pleasure. Joy stays in memories. It renews itself, brings a deep smile, refreshes the soul and evokes pleasant feelings.

I am probably going to read these words in my diary during my next travel and laugh them out. But ever since I have returned, I have woken up with thoughts and scenes of this town. And I have refused to wake up!

About Nagarkot: It’s a town/village situated on a hill top about 35 km NE from Kathmandu. You can hike the whole way up if you ask the taxi/bus to leave you near the Millitary Academy. On foot, it should take around 4-5 hours. Or you can take a taxi upto the Nagarkot Bus stop and start hiking for the Nagarkot Tower. This is a picturesque path and will take an hour to hike.