A Traveller’s Quick Guide on the 3-Day Military Diet

22nd Nov 2016

The 3-day Military Diet has been soaring in popularity for the past few months because of its efficiency. Promising you undeniable weight loss in just 3 days, the program is simple and easy-to-follow.

However, traveling in between your diet can add stumbling blocks on your road to fitness. While the food items on the list can be found just at the comforts of your home, sourcing out low-caloric foods when you are traveling to a different city or country can be extremely difficult. Not to mention, resisting food can be a tougher challenge when you are exploring a new destination.

Nevertheless, if you are dedicated and strong-willed, sticking to the military diet doesn’t have to be a million light years away. As a guide, below are some tips you should consider as you begin your new weight-loss journey:

The Vegetarian’s Guide to Food Substitution

The 3-day Military Diet can be even more challenging to follow if you are a vegetarian. Nonetheless, it is never impossible to venture into this new journey even if you are following personal restrictions. In cases like this, you can always substitute food items on the list as long as you are carefully watching your caloric intake.

Military Diet Food Substitution

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In the like manner, when mastering the art of food substitution, never let your eyes deceive you. Not because the food item is small, it already means it is equal or low in calories, and vice versa. For instance, substituting a can of tuna for 20 pieces of almonds is not a wise move as almonds are high calories, and it will not supply you with the amount of energy you need to last the day. This is especially true if you are traveling during the entire course of the diet.

Simply put, aside from the caloric content of the food item, you should highly consider its other nutritional component. As a rule of thumb, always choose food substitutes that are equal or lower in caloric intake and other nutrients necessary for you to gain the energy you need.

To help you during the entire substitution process, you can follow this table:

• Bread = Protein bar, tortilla or rice cake

• Peanut butter = Soy butter, hummus, almond butter or sunflower seed butter in equal amounts

• ½ grapefruit = ½ tablespoon of baking soda with water

• Tuna = Cottage cheese

• Coffee = Green tea or sugar-free red bull

• Meat = Portobello mushrooms, lentils tofu or beans

• Banana = Kiwi, apricots or papaya

• Beans = Spinach, tomatoes or any green vegetable

• Apples = Zucchini, dried apricot, plums or peaches

• Egg = 1 cup of milk or ¼ cup of nuts or seeds

Basically, these substitutes are perfect if you are a vegetarian getting started on the military diet. Nonetheless, you are not limited to the options above. Just remember to always replace food items wisely so you won’t end up feeling tired and drained by the end of the day.

Vegetarian’s Pick: Top Meatless Countries You Should Explore

You don’t have to sacrifice your weight loss journey just to experience a new place. If traveling has always been your guilty pleasure, you can always explore countries that offer the freshest vegetarian items.

Military diet and vegetables

Photo of A Traveller’s Quick Guide on the 3-Day Military Diet by Brandon Smith

Looking for a new place to explore? Book a trip to Israel, Singapore, Jamaica, the United Kingdom, the United States, Lebanon, Turkey, Italy, Ethiopia and India as these countries can offer you one-of-a-kind vegetarian treats.

Clean and Green: Top Waist-Friendly Vegetables

We all know that vegetables supply our body with the necessary vitamins and nutrients it needs, but did you know that vegetables from the Brassicaceae family can actually help you lose a dress size efficiently? Known for their potent fat-burning properties, cruciferous vegetables can help speed up your weight loss journey.

Rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C and other essential nutrients, cruciferous vegetables can give your metabolism the natural boost it needs. As a plus, vegetables from this family are a great source of glucosinolates, which is proven to get rid of cancer cells.

The best part is, you can always include cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Bok Choy and cabbage in your diet plan even when you are not under the military diet. However, just like in anything else, moderation is the key to overall health and wellness. While including these vegetables in your meal plan is crucial for you to gain maximum health benefits, excessive consumption can lead to allergic reactions and goiter.

Military Diet and Supplements

Taking multivitamins and supplements can help provide your body with essential nutrients. This is especially true if your diet is filled with food items that contain empty calories. With multivitamins fuelling up your body, they should definitely be a part of your daily routine.

The question is where do these supplements fall when you are under the military diet? Basically, vitamins do not have anything to do with your caloric intake as they supply your body only with the nutrients it requires. If you are already taking supplements, you may continue doing so especially if you are traveling.

Military Diet and multivitamins

Photo of A Traveller’s Quick Guide on the 3-Day Military Diet by Brandon Smith

Just remember, since you are on a special diet, you should double check the nutritional components on your multivitamins so you would know if it is in line with your meal plan. When taking supplements, your main goal is to meet your body’s nutritional needs, and your daily supplement should help you in doing so.

As a precaution, you shouldn’t replace your meals with your daily supplements as they serve only as an additional source of vitamins. A complete substitution is never ideal since it can have an adverse effect on your body. If you really want to continue losing weight after the 3-day Military Diet, you can replace meals with fruits as they are rich in dietary fibers that are efficient in speeding up your digestive system.

The 3-day Military Diet is not rocket science. By learning more about food substitution, you can easily follow the program even if you are at the opposite side of the world.

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