A trek to Sarpas

30th Apr 2017
Photo of A trek to Sarpas by Angel Mohan

Untold spaces

How we wish

To seek comfort

In spaces untold

And lost

The horizon

Was so huge

I stood mesmerised

Watching this heavenly gift

Hopes and dreams

Suddenly started living again

Those shades of green

Made me beam

But again my eyes

Looked away

Each step

Was so big and difficult

And then my friend pointed at a world so near

Today's destination she said

Was this really my happy space?

The night got dark

And the stars came out for me

That sparkle

Made me look at the fire and you

Again and again

With a smile

The final leap

It is beautiful

But hey you

The journey got my heart

It made me fall in love

With something

I was completely unaware of

It is true

We wish to

Seek comfort in spaces

Untold and lost

But that heartbeat that just skipped

made me find myself

Again !!!

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