A Trip to haunted Bhangarh Fort

3rd Sep 2018
Photo of A Trip to haunted Bhangarh Fort by ayush raj
Day 1

Alwar, Rajasthan was a scenic place quite different from the image I had in my mind when I heard the state Rajasthan.It has some beautiful hills and you can find many fortress just moving along the state highway towards alwar from Jaipur.
We started our day from Jaipur going towards alwar. We had heard a lot about the famous & haunted fort in bhangarh and decided to have a pit stop there. It was 4 storey fort which was once a 7 storey massive structure when mado Singh (A rajput ruler)  used to rule this place.This fort was a bit spooky with an added mountain backdrop but still there was no sign of any paranormal activities here.The fort complex was quite alluring which green all-around and few hills around the fort and to add to all the beauty we visited this place in monsoon.
We stayed here till 5:30 before the people there suggested to leave before Dawn because wild animal wander in night in ruins of fort in search of food.Though this fort was a little scary but still there was no spirit around us.We even had a chat with locals selling food even they denied the stories before we heard about bhangarh.
After our visit to bhangarh we drove towards alwar. The roads to alwar had some beautiful views and a rich variety of Flora and Fauna.U can easily spot peacocks around the road.we being lucky were able to see breath taking scene of a dancing peacock in rain.
We stopped 7 km away from alwar near siliseri lake(Another hidden gem of Rajasthan) where we had already booked a family suite(for Rs 3200) in a resort.

Quick Tips
•Bhangarh is a two hour drive from Jaipur.
•Visit near end of the day but before 4 P.M.
•Beware of monkey and langur there.
P.S. -Suggestions welcome as this was my first blog

View from Bhangarh Top

Photo of Bhangarh, Rajasthan, India by ayush raj

Ruins of the fort

Photo of Bhangarh, Rajasthan, India by ayush raj