A Trip To Taj Mahal: Discovering Historic Wonder Of India

1st Jan 2019
Photo of A Trip To Taj Mahal: Discovering Historic Wonder Of India by Shubham Varshney

The Taj Mahal: the immense symbol of love. Everything feels like a cliché and words seem scarce to put into words the beauty of this marble monument. It greatly symbolizes the peak of all that is magnificent about Mughal art and architecture. One and all know that the Taj is one of the Seven Wonders of the World - all visiting dignitary to India, from Princess Di to Oprah Winfrey, President Obama and the Clinton have greatly paid a visit to this immense monument.

Photo of A Trip To Taj Mahal: Discovering Historic Wonder Of India 1/3 by Shubham Varshney
Classic Taj

The Taj Mahal was built by famous Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his dearly loved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The construction of the tombstone began in 1631 and finished by 1648. The emperor greatly employed thousands of workers and talented craftsmen to get the crypt completed.

The structure by the banks of the great river Yamuna in Agra is overwhelming, and you can make countless visits to the place and never tire of its loveliness. The tomb has been successfully laid out in a rectangular shape and there is an enormous gateway with a curve. There are alcoves on both sides of it. The tomb is positioned at the northern end, and there are fountains and greenery. The ceilings are full of great flowery patterns.

You Can Enjoy The Taj Mahal Private Tour By Train -

Agra is well associated by brilliant train services to Delhi such as

-> The Shatabdi Express (2 hrs)

-> Intercity Express (3 hrs)

-> Taj Express (2.5 hrs)

There are many Railway Stations:

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Agra Cantt Railway Station

-> Agra Cantt Railway Station

-> Raja-ki-Mundi Railway Station

-> Agra Fort Railway Station

By Road It Is Easy To Reach Agra:- Delhi (Capital City of India) - 203 km

Tips For The Taj Visitor

• You should remember that the monument is closed on Fridays If you are visiting the Taj Mahal for the first time. It is closed for those who are not attending the prayers held there on Friday.

• On other days, the tombstone is open from sunrise to sunset and you can access the structure by any one of the gates (there are West, South or East), even though the southern gate has fewer queues than the one positioned on the western side.

• Agra is not more than 200 km from Delhi, and it is trouble-free to get there, and by bus or train. You can even hire a cab and easily plan a day-trip. if you are short of time, Agra also as an airport, you can make a wonderful quick visit to the home of the Taj Mahal.

Photo of A Trip To Taj Mahal: Discovering Historic Wonder Of India 3/3 by Shubham Varshney
Sunrise At Taj Mahal

• While at Agra, you can visit the other sites such as Mariam's Tomb, Sikandra, and Jama Masjid, among others. You can shop for sweets at one of the well-known stalls here and take pleasure in the chaat snacks!

The Delhi Agra Tour By Car To Capture The Beauty Of Taj -

You can watch the grand structure glowing in the sunlight with its great dome and the long minarets, inscribed with holy verse and a lot of ornamentation. The decorations are so complex and unique that you can spend a full day staring at each one of them. The Mughals greatly love flowers, and true to their passion, there are a number of flowers etched in many parts. There is a number of flowers in the tomb of Mumtaz Mahal, which has almost 35 precious stones!

To successfully capture the numerous moods of the Taj, you should visit it at diverse times of the day. The structure looks wonderful in the sunset sky, particularly on a full moon night when the whole area is bathed in lovely moonlight.

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