A Trip to Yercaud in Winter- Day 3, Last day

16th Jan 2019

We got up early in the morning and took few pictures of the scenic beauty around the most seducing thing about Yercaud is you will find something alluring everywhere. 

Photo of A Trip to Yercaud in Winter- Day 3, Last day 1/3 by Aravind Balamurugan
Photo of A Trip to Yercaud in Winter- Day 3, Last day 2/3 by Aravind Balamurugan
Photo of A Trip to Yercaud in Winter- Day 3, Last day 3/3 by Aravind Balamurugan

Today going to be the last day in Yercaud we wanted to make the most of it so we decided to get  started as early as possible and planned for a boat ride. We reached the Lake around 9 AM and decided to take a Paddle boat instead of a Rowing or a Motor boat. We hoped on to the boat making few ripples, I was steering and paddling along with other friend paddling. This was my first ever Boat ride and it was so thrilling. After Paddling for  25 minutes we noticed Motor boat service started and saw a motor boat coming right at us, we steered away but not enough to escape from the waves caused by the Motor boat! I was particularly scared keeping the fact that none of us know proper swimming. We managed somehow paddled ahead and parked the boat from where we took it. We walked to a nearby park had some fun in the swing after saw some rabbits, deers and few other animals in their cages and being fed by the Keeper. We returned to our room around 1 PM and packed our bags to catch our 5 30 PM train. We reached the Yercaud bus stand and got a bus around 2 PM and planned to reach Salem around 4 PM But the bus driver had other ideas, he showed some of his insane driving skills as we friends looked at each other praying this not to be our last ride of life, with those sudden hair pin bends he gave us instant heart attack We decided not to take our hands off the iron rod in front which we were holding. Thank god there were no standing passengers and I cant imagine what could have happened to them they probably had become bouncing balls bouncing across the bus. We reached Salem around 3 30 PM and finished our lunch and reached Railway station so early and waited for our train. Once Train arrived we got in and reached Chennai around 12 AM and it was around 1 AM when we got home, a Beautiful trip coming to an end. Nature has its own way of seducing people, While on your trips to any Scenic place make sure you walk and spend enough time with the Nature and lost in your thoughts. Cheers! End of Trip!!! 

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