A visit to "artificial" hill station - Lavasa


   A visit to much hyped city "lavasa" was successful after a year spending in Pune. The city won't attract nature lovers . But as said ,the destination never matters ,journey is! The route is filled with hillocks , huge mountains ,bushes (you would surely experience different shades of green ) , the villagers dispersed within the range of a 1 km with a hope if someone would taste their "roasted corn" . The journey reminded me of my "Ratnagri days " .  It is not justified to compare the king of oceans to this miniature version .  I don't know if you are interested in water sport activities or interested to make a huge hole in your pocket after opting to eat inside the city itself -lavas. You could try these corn instead ! Just go there for the scenic view of "Warasgaon Dam" . A treat for coastal people who miss home ! 

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