A visit to Goa in not so Goa-ish way. 

26th Jan 2017

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Photo of A visit to Goa in not so Goa-ish way. by Shalaka Rao

We went to the place which was always thought to be seen but remained unseen.

We went to the place for which everybody wants to plan but still remains unplanned.

And I still have friends with whom I will always keep a grudge.

Because we couldn't go to a place which is there for the whole world to prejudge.

Mostly everyone goes to this place to booze.

And also want to gamble at the casino cruise.

To our unanimous decision which clicked.

This year in the peak season Goa actually happened.

Day 1

We stayed in an apartment near Miramar,

And visited the beach in the night,

When it's waves were in its best avatar,

Day 2

We went to Baga,

Where everyone was singing drunk in their own raga.

Day 3

We couldn't afford to miss Calangute.

Which was saved for jet-skiing as well as parasailing with colorful parachutes.

Day 4

And then we covered Vagator Beach,

Where we came across a lot of rocks which were steep.

We all sat on those rocks to witness the sunset.

It was one of the moment which I will never forget.

We went to this pristine beach called Dona and Paula,

Which had statues associated with the romantic legends of Goa,

The last leg of our journey was the Ora Pronobis church,

During our drive back to the airport, without much research,

It's blue and white colour was beautiful,

Even though the architecture was medieval.

Thankfully we hired a cab with a good driver,

While the time to go back was nearing,

He took us to Japanese Garden in Vasco.

Where we saw the sun setting,

And thought that our trip wouldn't have been nicer.

The soul of this place still resides in me,

Thanks Goa for giving me cherished memories.

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