A visit to my wonderland

25th Jun 2015

How does it feel like when you get a chance to live your dream? My trip to Ladakh gave me the same feeling when we decided to travel to Ladakh. My wonderland was as beautiful as I imagined it in my thoughts. The trip has given me memories worth a lifetime, a trip that has permanently inscribed startling sights of this enchanting place in my mind!

Here we come!

It was a seven-day trip but let me tell you all that those seven days were so less for the place, which has so many things to explore. The first glimpse of snow laden peaks and serenity of the place has brought twinkle in my eyes. It was the most magnificent welcome from the mountains I can ever receive.

First day we decided to get acclimatized to the place but the eagerness of exploring the place was nagging us. So we decided to go for a small walk around our hotel. We stayed in Leh-Chen hotel near Shanti Stupa.

The peaks of Ladakh are serene and mesmerizing.

Photo of Leh by mriduluthra

And the journey begins…

We finally started our journey to explore the place of lakes, mountains, sand and centuries old monasteries. The land of mountains was busy doing the preparations of Hemis Festival. This is their most celebrated festival organized in the biggest monastery of the place in Hemis Monastery. It was one of its experiences to witness such a culture and festival. There were lamas all around and it is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava who is often said to be a reincarnation of Buddha.

Hemis Festival

Photo of Hemis Monastery Museum, Hemis by mriduluthra

Mask man in the Hemis Festival

Photo of Hemis Monastery Museum, Hemis by mriduluthra

Ladakh is a world of rugged valleys, snow-covered mountains, endless hills, barren lands, clean and curvy roads and the mystical centuries old monasteries which have still maintained their charm. Ladakh is a place where one can experience the wonders of nature in their true form. The confluence of the Indus and the Zanskar rivers is a rare sight. One can clearly differentiate between the two waters from a distance. The rare phenomenon of Magnetic Hill leaves everyone astonished. For the uninitiated, the hill possesses magnetic properties that can pull cars uphill and compel passing aircrafts to increase altitude in order to escape the magnetic interference.

The enchanting view of Zanskar River

Photo of Zanskar River by mriduluthra

The highest Motorable Road

Khardungla Top

Photo of Khardung La by mriduluthra

While going to Nubra Valley, the major attraction after sand dunes is the highest motorable road “Khardungla Pass”. The entire trail was covered with snow and one cannot stay there for more than 20 minutes due to the rough weather. And if you are lucky enough you might see snow leopard. Well, we were the lucky ones!

The valley of sand dunes

Photo of Khardung La by mriduluthra

Nubra Valley is a must visit for a first time traveller. Finally we reached Nubra and first time in our life we saw double humped camels and experienced camel safari. It was indeed an exhilarating experience for all of us. Nubra Valley can be described as the ultra-wide landscapes, humongous mountain faces, lovely trails, wide variety of colors and musical Shyok river flowing midst the valley will take your breath away at first sight and yes Diksit Monastery, which is the one of the biggest attractions of this place.

The mystical Pangong

The magical Pangong Tso lake

Photo of Nubra Valley by mriduluthra

The most talked about (and not without reason!) attraction of Ladakh is the Pangong Lake which undoubtedly is one of the most peaceful (and obviously beautiful) places on this planet. Can the sound of a duck moving on water ever be distinctly audible? Yes, only at the Pangong Lake! Here you can stand knowing that across the turquoise waters lie the mountains of an even more isolated and gorgeous land – Tibet.

Look at the beauty of Pangong Tso

Photo of Pangong Tso by mriduluthra
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