A Voyager Heart innovative Tip-Off 


What you must follow for a hazard-less trip:

**carry beet juice if you are trekking. According to a recent

research, drinking beet juice can help the body cope with low levels

of oxygen at high altitudes.

** clean out your wallet of all useless junk (old receipts, grocery

store cards, business cards, random foreign currency from past

travels) and leave anything you don’t need (additional credit cards

etc) at home.

** carry cash, just in case ATM and Card both behaves weird and are not in a mood to cooperate.

** Powerbank!! must must must.

** Did you know Bulgaria has the best Rose products? Try to NOT carry

toiletries but explore local ones. And that will save up extra space

in our bag

** Travel hand sanitizer, nasal spray and vitamin C lozenges must stay around

** New shoes, new shorts, new gel might blemish your trip. Therefore

tried-and-trusted ones have higher chances to play cool.

** Did you know the dress code for temples in south-east asia is very

very crucial? Maxi dress, elephant scarfs must enroll in

** And never wear flashy jewellery!

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