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A walk through Singlila Ridge - Sandakphu and Phalut trekking
Expenditure 6000
Hotel Shine City Kallakuri more Have a good bath , as u will not have it for next 5 days at lst .. And ask them for some breakfast... U can book a car for Manebhanjang frm here , the Hotel owner can arrange it and stay calm, it will be a good deal . TOA - 10:00am TOD - 12noon
A good food , and warm welcome by Masterji .. U wil have a decent start of ur trip .. U can ask for ur guide here , or u can go to the guide's organisation.. They will arrange it . It cost Rs. 600/- per day... U have pay all the money in advance. We have contacted our guide earlier , as he is well known to us .. His name - Lakpa Lepcha (0919647706294) On next day morning , before starting , u have to buy the tickets for entry in Singlila National Park , Rs. 100 fr each person, and Rs. 100 for each digital camera u have. After completing this , U r ready to go.... TOA - 4:30 pm TOD - 8:00 am (next day)
Photos of Hotel exotica , Manebhanjang 1/1 by Abhra Ghosh
U can have ur breakfast here .. And also visit the nearby monastery... TOA - 10:15 am TOD - 11:00 am
Photos of Chitre 1/1 by Abhra Ghosh
A single family village ... Take some rest here... U can have ur lunch, they r pretty fast in arranging one .. TOA - 12:45 pm TOD - 1:20 pm
Photos of Lamey Dhura, Gorkhe, Eastern Region, India 1/1 by Abhra Ghosh
We didn't stop here.... No no,,, stopped fr 5 mins , and had some veg momo in a small hotel.. Truly speaking , that was the best momo (and d chutney.) I ever had ... TOA - 2:40 pm TOD - 2:45
Photos of Meghma, West Bengal, India 1/2 by Abhra Ghosh
Photos of Meghma, West Bengal, India 2/2 by Abhra Ghosh
Altitude - 2950 m... U will fall in love with the place immediately u reach there... 4-5 home stay , a cold breeze ... If u r lucky , the sleeping Buddha is just in front of u... And , as the sun will set... U will feel that u r d only person living in this planet ... After dinner at 8 pm , just have a walk in the surrounding,,, and look at the sky... It's full of stars... In no. they r more than u can imagine... P.s - electicity is there, u can charge ur phone. N camera.. Vodafone and Airtel network are available (Theoritically) , though we have to manage to use the house owner's phone , and made some call in ISD rate . TOA - 4:25 am TOD - 8:35 am (Next day)
Photos of Tumling, Nepal 1/3 by Abhra Ghosh
Photos of Tumling, Nepal 2/3 by Abhra Ghosh
Photos of Tumling, Nepal 3/3 by Abhra Ghosh

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