A week in Singapore: What are your Options?


Singapore is the cleanest and safest city in the world. It is the best tourism place so get your Singapore tourist visa to visit this city.

If you want to spend a week in Singapore then get your visa and visit the cleanest and beautiful cities of the world. There are a number of places where you can spend a week in Singapore. The main places to go are Singapore Zoo, Merlion Park, Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Night Safari and Sentosa Iceland. These places are filled with nature beauty.

If you want to see some lightening and huge buildings, then you can visit Singapore flyer, Gardens by the Bay and Helix Bridge. There are few temples like Thian Hock Keng Temple, Sri Thendayuthapani Temple and Yueh Hai Ching Temple.

Favorite places of Tourists

As there is no end of places to visit in beautiful city Singapore but there are some favorite places for tourists to visit. Visa is just you needs to have for the visit of this beautiful city. The Merlion, Changi International Airport, Orchard Road, Singapore river are the some places which surely love to visit.

Some Famous Streets to visit

1.Sentosa- the meaning of Sentosa is “Peace and tranquility” replaced the name Pulau Blakang Mati which means “behind the dead” in 1972. The name was given to this beach to warn the people because a number of people died with the disease of malaria in 1840.

2.Ang Mo Kio- the story of this street is related with a lady Jannifer Windsor and her 3 children who died due to a sudden gush at a river.

3.Jalan Besar- the meaning of Jalan Besar is “wide road” which is mainly used as open ground.

4.Siglap- the story behind the name is related to a Malay chief when he landed that place then darkness occurs with a thunderstorm.

5.Adam Park- the name of the road is after Frank Adam in 1922 who was a popular businessman.

6.Short Street- as its name implies that means a short length street which is about just 350m.

7.Club street- this street has many Chinese clubs where rich businessmen hang out.

Before you visit, just get to know the fundamentals so that you can survive their easily.


Dance- Dance is the one which shows its traditions and culture of a particular country, but in Singapore there is rich cultural diversity. So there are a number of dances are performed at festivals like Lion Dance, Kathak, Zapin and Peranakan.

Food- seafood is the most popular food in Singapore which includes fish, crabs and lobsters. Chinese, Indian and Malay food are also popular. Fruits, vegetables, spices, rice and chicken are the main ingredients of the food. There is a huge variety of food. Most of the people do not consume alcohol.

People-people of Singapore are mainly from China, India, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Culture- there is no specific culture in Singapore. An Orchid flower is assumed to national symbol. Orchid flower printed costumes are worn on festivals.

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