A weekend in Corbett National Park


We planned an office trip to Corbett with barely 2 weeks in hand. Two of my colleagues were in constant talks with the tour operators for 2 weeks to get us the best possible deal. Finally we did get the best possible deal at INR 6000 per head which included:

· -Travel to and from Noida to Corbett in a 26 seater AC bus

· -Stay for 2 nights in Saalvan Resort and Spa , a 4 star resort

· -2*Breakfast, 1*Lunch, 2*Dinner – Buffet system

· -Tiger Safari

· -Trip to Garjiya Devi mandir

The Journey

We departed from our office in Noida on 11th March at around 1 PM in the 26 seater AC bus which was way above my expectations. The driver was a very jolly fellow and didn’t create any issues. We played music and were enjoying till we stopped at Gajrula Bikenarwala for a late lunch. A big disappointment as the charm of having dhabha food while travelling was lost. However as we were a large group, we enjoyed the Cholle Bature together and clicked lot of pictures before heading back to the bus.

The rest of the journey was more fun as we played antakshari and were amazed by the collection of songs everyone had up their sleeves. We finally reached our resort at around 8-9 PM, it took almost an hour or so to reach the resort after entering Corbett.

Once we saw the resort, the long journey was worth it. Am glad we did not book a resort near to the city as we would have missed the nature’s beauty which we enjoyed from our resort.

Day 1

The Resort

We were 20 of us so we got 10 rooms allotted to us, out of which ours was the biggest of the lot. All rooms had a private terrace and ample space in the rooms. After freshening up a bit, we headed to the dining hall for our dinner. As a foodie, I was more than delighted after seeing the vast array of food items laid on the table. There was soup, 2-3 main course veg dishes and 2 non veg dishes as well apart from Gulab Jamun as sweet dish. The food was deliciously amazing, the meat was tender and cooked perfectly. We made it a point to try each and every dish on the table. A perfect meal after a tiring day.

Post dinner, the whole group came in our room, and we had a hell of a time, playing music, jumping around of the mattresses and doing masti. Once everyone went back to their rooms, 4 of us got the mattress out on the terrace and lay down gazing at the view of the clear sky with stars .It was something which we just couldn’t do in Delhi and all. We lay for an hour or so before crashing on the bed and finally bidding adieu to the event-full night.

We were woken up at 4 in the morning when we heard the thundering of the clouds before it started raining cats and dogs.

Day 2

The Destination

Our safari was scheduled at 6 in the morning, but due to rains it got delayed and it ultimately started at around 7 AM. As we only had 2 weeks with us before the trip, we weren’t able to get the safari slots for the other zones such as Jhirna, Dhikala. We only got the booking for Durga Devi zone which only had 5 of 250 odd tiger’s in Corbett. This we were informed by our safari driver.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed the lush greenery and jungle at its best during the safari. We were able to spot 4-5 deer’s but that’s about it. We did click a lot of pictures and made some good lifelong memories. The air was so clean and pure and the cold wind blowing was so relaxing. On our way back, it started raining, so we got wet but enjoyed the safari to the core.

We reached back to our resort at around 10 AM and headed for the breakfast table. Again I was delighted to see so many options for breakfast. They had everything on the table, right from fruit juice and fresh fruits to idli sambar, bread omelet and chocos as well. We had a king size hearty breakfast and then headed to the Ram Ganga river which was a 2-3 km trek from the resort.

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Photo of Saalvan spa and resort, Mohan Range, Uttarakhand, India by Arnav Mathur @EatTravelLiveRepeat
Photo of Saalvan spa and resort, Mohan Range, Uttarakhand, India by Arnav Mathur @EatTravelLiveRepeat
Photo of Jim Corbett National Park, Ramnagar, Uttarakhand, India by Arnav Mathur @EatTravelLiveRepeat
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