Pondicherry Trip with Friends

25th Dec 2015
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If you are planning for a short budget weekend trip, go for Pondi. Beaches and French restaurants are the main attractions here.

It was my first trip with friends so turned out to be a really memorable one. We were 3 girls, and I must say Pondicherry is a safe place to go. It's a small city so 2 days are enough to cover the entire city. Many places are close by so you can walk or take public transport which are very cheap. Bicycles, scooty and cars are also available for rent.

I with my two friends decided to go for a weekend trip (2Days/1Night) to Pondicherry. We traveled by bus, Rs. 1400 each (as it was Christmas) for non AC sleeper bus from Bangalore to Pondi. And returning was just Rs.700 each that too for AC. We left on 24th Dec night and reached there early morning. The Autowala dropped us to the wrong Hotel and took 80 bucks for less that 2 kms. We took a shared auto from there and reached our hotel (Ramana Residency) for just 5 rupees.The public transport is really good and cheap there.

After reaching our hotel,we freshened up, had breakfast and went to Paradise Island Beach by booking Ola cab till the place and then took ferry from there. It was very hot so don't forget to carry sunscreen and umbrella with you. Had a lot of fun on the beach. After lunch we returned to the Hotel. In the evening we went to Sacred Heart Church (as it was Christmas eve) by bus. The church was well decorated.Then we walked to the Rock Beach and had dinner in Le Cafe which is a sea facing cafe. A very serene place. We were there till 10, then we walked around the small city to see the french colonies, really good architecture. We reached Zuka chocolate shop but it was about to close so they didnt let us in. We reached back to our hotel at 11 by shared Auto.

Next morning we left for Auroville (in Tamil Nadu, about 15kms from Pondi) by booking Ola Cab. After seeing the ashram and walking to the dome, we were really tired. But we decided to go to the Auroville Beach. We went by Auto and walked for some distance to reach there by asking localites for direction. Lot of local crowd there. We returned to the hotel, took a nap and then went for lunch to Cafe des art. The place was good, food was fine. We roamed around in the French colonies and went to Zuka chocolate shop and had some chocolates there. Then we went to the Rock Beach again and spent a peaceful evening sitting on the rocks. We went for dinner to La Maison Rose cafe which is close to Rock Beach. The place was charming, food was good. Then went back to the hotel and boarded the returning bus to Bangalore.

This is a typical old Pondicherry house converted into an art cafe. The walls are lined with quirky paintings and interesting book shelves that complete the ambiance. There are clothes and bags which are available for sale. We went here for lunch. When we spoke to the waiter we found out he's not a waiter but a student from delhi who is studying french there. As a lot of french people visit the place so he's helping his friend's aunt who owns the cafe as he is fluent in french. we had a nice chat with him and he told us soon he would be working in some embassy in Delhi. The service is slow, which is where the ambiance helps. Drinks were ok, food was good. The place is a bit clumpsy but the Crowd is quite good though and the silence for having a conversation with friends makes it better.

Photo of Café des Arts, 10, Suffren Street, White Town, Puducherry, Puducherry 605001, India by Shreya Sohan

The place is casual, and all lit up at night. Ambience is Romantic & Charming We visited the place for dinner on day 2. We ordered non veg and drinks, I loved the food. The crowd was good and the service, I thought was fine.

We girls love chocolate and this place was on the top of our list. We reached there at night around 10 but the shop was about to close and they didn't let us in. So we went there the next day in the afternoon, had some yummy chocolate and took a lot for friends. It's a small dessert place with cute chocolate-like butterflies adorning the ceiling. There's a statue of Abdul Kalam made out of chocolate. Must visit if you have a sweet tooth.

An awesome place for mind relief. We went there on our first evening but loved it so much that went there again the next day and spent the whole evening. If you are at Rock Beach, you have to visit the cafe there (Le Cafe). The sound of the waves and the wind blowing through your hair, just so peaceful.

Photo of Rock Beach, White Town, Puducherry, India by Shreya Sohan

Lovely place to sit back and enjoy the view. But too crowded so we had to wait for a long time to get the table. Food tasted fine but not sure how hygienic the place was. I suggest you should visit the cafe atleast once, you cannot miss a sea facing cafe afterall.

Photo of Le cafe, White Town, Puducherry, Republic of India by Shreya Sohan

It was a gothic church, One of the oldest in Pondicherry. As it was Christmas the church was decorated, had nice architecture and was well maintained. Close to the Rock Beach as well.

Photo of Sacred Heart Church, MG Road Area, Pondicherry, Puducherry, India by Shreya Sohan

One of the finest beach in Pondicherry. The only convenient way to reach this place is to take the ferry operated by the Pondicherry tourism for a nominal fee. Food and drinks are available on the island. Changing rooms and washrooms are also available on site. Really too much crowd, so it takes too much waiting time to board a ferry. Its scenic beauty makes it wonderful, had a great time with friends there.

Photo of Paradise Beach, Puducherry, India by Shreya Sohan
Photo of Paradise Beach, Puducherry, India by Shreya Sohan
Photo of Paradise Beach, Puducherry, India by Shreya Sohan

It's in Tamil Nadu, 15kms from Pondicherry.There are a few things to see in the museum. The walk to the dome was tiring but the dome was an impressive piece of architecture. After the ashram, we visited the Auroville Beach. The waves are really high there, no changing rooms available. A lot of local boys staring and passing comments. Beach was fine but couldnt really enjoy because of the local crowd.

Photo of Auroville, Bommayapalayam, Pondicherry, India by Shreya Sohan
Photo of Auroville, Bommayapalayam, Pondicherry, India by Shreya Sohan

Hotel was good, we got good discount as we booked tickets online. Room and bathroom were clean. Breakfast was free, but lot of delay.

Photo of Ramana Residency, Amman Koil Street, Sengeniamman Nagar, Pondicherry, Puducherry, India by Shreya Sohan
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what was the total cost of the trip ?
Fri 03 09 18, 10:29 · Reply (1) · Report
Around 6K
Sat 04 28 18, 01:15 · Report
planning for a short trip. I get people oftenly suggesting goa for value of money rather than pondi. have been to goa many times. are these only the places in pondi to visit ? or are there any more if we search. please advice. planning for road trip indeed. TIA
Sat 02 20 16, 14:23 · Reply (1) · Report
As far as I know these are the only places u can visit. Beaches and french restaurants are the main attraction there. Two days are more than enough to cover the entire city.
Sun 02 21 16, 16:51 · Report