Across India on a Bike - From Chennai to Ladakh

7th May 2016
Day 1

This is a trip video about my most ambitious adventure yet. In May, 2016, I rode my motorcycle, a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500, from the southern coastal city of Chennai (in Tamil Nadu, India) all the way across India and into the mountains in Ladakh.

Day 3

I rode solo till Mumbai, where I was joined by a fellow motorcycle enthusiast who I had met through Instagram.

Day 6

From Mumbai, we rode together to New Delhi. It was the peak of summer and this part of the ride was absolutely brutal.

Day 9

We then spent a few weeks riding in the mountains in Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir, going to very random places and doing very random things.

Day 28

We eventually made our way to Srinagar after almost one whole month on the road.

Day 31

From there we rode into Ladakh and then spent a few weeks touring the length and breadth of Ladakh, riding through several mountain passes and unbelievable terrain.

Day 52

We eventually made our way back to Manali and then descended into the plains. At Delhi, we split ways and took different routes to make our respective ways home.

Over nearly 7 weeks, we rode through all kinds of terrain, all types of weather and through the most diverse and fascinating landscapes. It was a journey filled with new experiences and several challenges. But it also was one that was filled with learning and discovery. To put it very simply, it was a trip unlike any that I’ve ever done before.