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"The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man" - Charles Darwin

We all have seen animals in zoo and aquarium but nothing can beat the pleasure of seeing them in their natural habitat. It's not that I haven't been to the zoo but after visiting wildlife parks and national parks, I don't encourage zoo culture at all. Western Australia has given me increasing opportunity of encounter with animals and that too close ones. After watching Possum, Koalas, Wombat & Kangaroos, this time I thought of going on an adventure cruise with Rockingham wild encounters to watch Dolphin, Sea lions, and Penguins out in the wild. Yes, no captivation so don't expect any pictures of me with them.

The cruise started from Shoalwater, Rockingham. This 90 min cruise was a fulfilling experience of my life. As the wildlife viewing vessel glides through Shoalwater in search of wild dolphins, my excitement began to increase further. I kept my eyes peeled just to have a glimpse of this cute mammal. And after a good 5-10 min of searching, I saw a mama dolphin and a baby dolphin swimming along. This cruise wasn't just "have-a-look" cruise, I heard some interesting facts about these creatures as well.

Photo of Shoalwater WA, Australia by Suvarna Arora

Dolphins are fascinating, intelligent creatures. They aren't big fish, they are mammals that give birth to fully formed offspring, which they nurse with milk from the female dolphin's mammary glands. Soon after the baby is born into water, the mama dolphin helps him to the surface to breathe. Yes, they breathe the same air like us. In many cases, dolphins are like us humans. The baby dolphin or calf always stick very close to their mothers and use their "slipstream" to facilitate their swimming. The calf that I saw, was also with her mother all the time as it was just 6 months old. After 5 mins, I saw 2 more dolphins around the cruise playing with each other and moving with us in the same direction. I guess they came to see us like we came to see them. Nice meeting, Isn't it? The captain of the cruise created waves in the water for the dolphins so that they can surf and jump. In no time, I saw them jumping in the water making noises. It was the happiest time of the day. It was spectacular to see them playing and jumping and that too right in front of me, too close.

Photo of Adventure Cruise - Dolphins, Sea lions and Penguins - Suvarna Arora by Suvarna Arora
Photo of Adventure Cruise - Dolphins, Sea lions and Penguins - Suvarna Arora by Suvarna Arora

After bidding adieu to these lovely friendly mammals, the cruise took me to Seal Island which is the home of the rare Australian sea lions. All the sea lions that live here are the older ones and are male. There is no female left and these are the endangered species now. The astonishing fact is that inspite of being so old they can outrun humans on the land as well as in the sea, hence sea lions. I saw one sea lion playing with the stand-up paddler. The mere thought that was in my mind that time was what are we doing to our mother nature? why are so many species getting endangered & extinct? Animals feel love, joy, and sadness the same way we do then why can't we feel about them. Why can't we speak for them as they can't speak our language? Getting too close to these sea lions in their natural habitat is always a risk hence 10m distance is mandatory. You can swim or kayak or stand-up paddle till their island but can't go on the land. Stay in the water and see them enjoying. If you are lucky, one can come to you and play but still be careful. Don't try to touch them as they don't know whether your intention is to play or hurt so they can bite.

Photo of Adventure Cruise - Dolphins, Sea lions and Penguins - Suvarna Arora by Suvarna Arora
Photo of Adventure Cruise - Dolphins, Sea lions and Penguins - Suvarna Arora by Suvarna Arora

The last stop was Penguin Island. Penguins are so hard to spot in the wild as they are mostly out in the water to hunt during daytime and only return after dark but you can't stay on that Island after 5 pm. If you are super lucky you may see any in the wild but that is extremely unlikely to happen until you are at Boulders beach in Africa. Don't be disappointed there are a few penguins in their discovery center who aren't fit to go out in the open because they were attacked by sharks so they are taken care by the authorities there till they become fit to go out on their own again. One of them was Kevin and this penguin was super talkative. The whole time I was in there, learning about them and watching them getting fed, he was shouting and swimming. He was super fun to watch and was such an adorable attention seeker. One of the penguin was Gery and he was blind due to the shark attack and his GF died in the attack. It was heartbreaking to listen to the story of each and every penguin that was there and why they were unfit to go out. But the bonding that they all had together was so lovely to watch. This was my only chance to have some photos with these cute ones so I didn't miss it.

Photo of Adventure Cruise - Dolphins, Sea lions and Penguins - Suvarna Arora by Suvarna Arora

Penguin Island is a beautiful spot to enjoy and have some relax time, have a picnic, go in the water, swim, play explore the boardwalks for a lookout point and then come back by a 5 min ferry to the mainland.

Overall a lovely experience and a day well spent. My increasing encounter with animals has made me more compassionate towards every other being. If you can feel and understand someone who doesn't speak your language, you are on the right path of humanity.

Until the next post. CYA!! XOXO!!

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