Adventures with the Taj at Dawn

28th Jun 2017
Photo of Adventures with the Taj at Dawn 1/3 by Soniya Kanchan
Photo of Adventures with the Taj at Dawn 2/3 by Soniya Kanchan
Photo of Adventures with the Taj at Dawn 3/3 by Soniya Kanchan

It was on the day of Eid, me and my cousin decided to visit Taj Mahal for sunrise. We left the house at around 4:30 am and headed straight to Mehtab Bagh, the garden which was recently opened in Agra from where one could clearly see the Taj Mahal and the Yamuna and enjoy long walks. But it was our bad luck that we reached way early and the Bagh was supposed to open at 7 am. I am not proud if what i did next but it was the only way for me to be closer to Taj. There were few loose and cut wires between the parking area and the open field behind Taj Mahal, the crossed the wires easily and started taking a walk around the field. I called my cousin also in that prohibited area and we started taking photographs. Very soon, our party came to an end when an officer asked us to vacate the area and scolded us.

By the time this happened it 7, and we slyly ran away to the main garden. And it was just beautiful. I have visited Taj Mahal many times but this was one of the best view. We sat in center of the garden and I looked at this beautiful monument for a long time. Soon we could hear Azaan from near the Taj, after walking around the park we finally called it a day.

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