Albert Hall Museum

2nd Jan 2015

An Old Apparel

Photo of An Old Apparel by Kushendra Tiwary

The Immortals

Photo of The Immortals by Kushendra Tiwary

Painting from Egypt

Photo of Painting from Egypt by Kushendra Tiwary

Painting from China

Photo of Painting from China by Kushendra Tiwary

Barrel Guns from Bharatpur

Photo of Barrel Guns from Bharatpur by Kushendra Tiwary


Photo of Kartikeya by Kushendra Tiwary

The Egyptian Mummy

Photo of The Egyptian Mummy by Kushendra Tiwary

Musical Instruments

Photo of Musical Instruments by Kushendra Tiwary

Flying High

Photo of Flying High by Kushendra Tiwary

Outside the Hall

Photo of Outside the Hall by Kushendra Tiwary

Timeline of The Kings

Photo of Timeline of The Kings by Kushendra Tiwary

A painting from Paris

Photo of A painting from Paris by Kushendra Tiwary

Scenic View

Photo of Scenic View by Kushendra Tiwary

Named after the Prince of Wales, Albert Edward, Albert hall is a museum of industrial arts of Jaipur, and examples of workmanship of  local arts from all over India. It was used for the purpose of promotion of arts and crafts among the youth. It is the State Museum of Rajasthan.

The stunningly beautiful building of the museum strikes a feel of joy in the heart of the visitors, the architecture of the building is of Indo-Saracenic effect, the halls and corridors are decorated in Mughal and Rajput style.

This hall became a centre of learning for artists, art students and craftsmen all around the nation. There are various parts of the hall, each depicting a tale of its own. One of the halls tell the story of marriage choice of Draupadi from Mahabharata while another has various utensils, armours and decorative items carved in a way to depict little scenes or small portion of The Ramayana.

Albert hall also has a collection of Egyptian creations and collections especially put together for this museum. A real Egyptian mummy is also preserved in the central hall of the museum displaying the art and culture of Egypt. Also there are paintings from different parts of the world, mainly Egypt and China. These paintings show that how interconnected the world was even at that time and also is a beacon of the exchange of arts and culture.

A huge section of the museum is dedicated towards ancient Indian musical instruments and musical dynasties. Another lets the visitors explore through the various kinds of jewelleries worn by peasants as well as elite people in the Jaipur of 19th century.

Moreover, various Indian art forms including Bandhani tie and Dye; the traditional Rajasthani style of decorating clothes, Jaipuri blue pottery, Block prints, Pagari etc are subject to public display.

The ambience here is of knowledge, detail, art (of various forms) and learning. One can visit the place on days except the republic day and some dates that are reserved for maintenance of the museum, the list of holidays can be found on the official website of Rajasthan tourism.

If you like to learn about various cultures and their art forms, this place is especially for you. If you are not that interested in handicrafts then you can visit this place for the architecture and the aura of Royal Indian dynasties.

Other than the Hall, the sight of pigeons flying just outside the museum is a site one cannot miss and specially when the weather is a bit chilly, and there is no sunshine, this place feels more amazing than ever.

Take out a good amount of time, atleast 3-4 hours if you want to get a good insight of the place. The hall is divided into many sections, don't forget to explore each and every section.

You can acquire tickets for almost Eight different venues from the counter here and one thing which I would like to advise the students is that do not forgot to take your Student Id card, as there is a heavy discount for the students, the cost of the ticket will go down by more than 50% automatically( The ticket for an Adult is priced at 100 rupees)

Other than that, one can buy little things from outside and also can enjoy Bhelpuri from the street side vendors.

Visit this place if you love delving deep into history, art, culture and heritage.

Writer's Tip- Lookout for the special little pieces of saints performing Yogasanas, this is one thing which may leave you awestruck.

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Enjoy when you are here.
Photo of Albert Hall Museum, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India by Kushendra Tiwary