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Alexithymia: story of a night ride
Duration: 2 Days

there are several thing which cannot be expressed by words such as feelings. This inability to express feelings verbally is called alexithymia. Now today i'm talking about such a trip which i couldn't express completely through my words.


Atlast munnar. After the rambling journey of 6 hours, after train and buses I reached the top. After having a brief dinner with my wanderlust friend we started our bike and ride into the night beauty of munnar. Life always gives you unexpected memories in an unplanned trip and that is what that night was. We met some a locals from poopara, a neighborhood village of munnar. My friend was keen to know the neighborhood attractions of that place while I was curiously thinking of a way to tolerate the cold. My fingers were already frozen and the mist was covered the entire village. From that small shop we moved to some place ( the name I still don't know ).

From the the rubberized road we went to a road which can be tell as a mere memory of a old road. Most of the path were covered by the stones and digressions on the sides of the path were horrific. But my enthusiastic mind were looking for an adventure. While driving in that arduous road my friend reminded me about the threat of wild elephants. But we were curious about what come next, not feared. The path becomes much more sloppy and arduous.

At last we reached the top. I felt that I was just 10 feet beneath the sky. I felt the stars so close, something I never felt before. We left our bike in its solitude and we walked some more distance and now we are at the edge of a cliff.

So here comes the importance of the title. The wind was strong and chilled. The spectacle from there was jaw dropping. A valley dipped in lights, Something I only saw in movies (and most of them are computer generated). The bliss that my soul experienced at that moment was unexplainable. My friend played a song called "mazhakonade mathram mulakkuna vithukal" from the movie "spirit" which kindled my feelings and I hugged him. At that moment we didn't ask for money,food or any other need and didn't think about time. We simply felt that moment and experienced it. We sat on a rock and for some time we didn't speak a word and I felt my energy was refilling into my soul.

When we returned my mind was refreshed and fulfilled. I felt little disappointed when we returned. But I understood something on that day that life is a stage and it always give you spectacles.

Photos of  1/4 by abhinav krishnan
Photos of  2/4 by abhinav krishnan
Photos of  3/4 by abhinav krishnan
Photos of  4/4 by abhinav krishnan

First time in my life, I had an experience which is much more beautiful than my dreams. That's why I had very tiny sleep. I left Munnar by noon with an unforgettable night.

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