Alice In Wonderland

15th Apr 2018


Photo of Alice In Wonderland by Silvia Thomas

How can I explain the beauty of this place ??? !!!

This is where herd of wild elephants come to take bath and drink water everyday...

The river is broad and skin-deep.

The water was so clear that I could see the black pebbles at the bottom.

Water were flowing so quietly.

The tan with black striped small fish swam swiftly when I stepped my limbs.

My naked feet got wet with that chilled water, I could feel it through out my body...

When I sat on a rock that was in the middle of the river, I was seeing one of the most beautiful scenary I have ever seen in my life.

Mirror-like water,

frosty weather,

and giant trees growing close together on both banks of the river.

The shadow of the trees gives black colour to the river..

Fogs were floating over the canopy.. 

Light rain showers..

A complete mystical feel, and it was so good to be tranquil there..

The wait was not in vain, because We saw 19 elephants taking bath, playing prank and drinking water at the same place where I sat 30 mins ago.

Photo of Anakulam, Kerala, India by Silvia Thomas
Photo of Anakulam, Kerala, India by Silvia Thomas
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