All About Asian Flush: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Asian flush is a condition brought about by ALDH2 deficiency. It is important to understand this condition especially for those who experience redness on the face and neck after consuming bottles of alcohol. Redness may seem to be a normal condition for those who are drinking alcohol, but it actually dictates more serious health problems. So what exactly is Asian flush? Know more below.

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What is Asian flush?

A typical human liver produces two major enzymes called ALDH1 and ALDH2. These enzymes help the liver to clean the body and flush out toxins. However, studies have shown that about 40% of those with Asian descent suffer from ALDH2 deficiency, which then leads to Asian flush. Because the body is deficient in ALDH2, the liver cannot easily clean the body and cannot effectively flush toxins out of it.

The most apparent result is that you may experience redness on the face and neck. Nevertheless, this may also mean serious health problem, thus the need to address the said condition.

Understanding ALDH2 Deficiency among Asians

According to research and studies, ALDH2 deficiency is common among Asians and it can be traced back 10,000 years ago. It has been found that the said condition is common among those who are living in the southeast region of China where the traces of domestically cultivated rice some 10,000 years ago were found. These findings were also reflected in a study conducted by the geneticists at Kunming Institute of Zoology.

How is Asian Flush Treated?

ALDH2 deficiency is a condition which cannot be addressed by dealing with the production of the said enzyme. Studies have been conducted in order to produce ALDH2 enzymes, but did not prove safe and effective. Thus, the safest way to treat Asian flush is to simply deal on how to treat toxicity. So what are the measures that need to be done?

The safest way to treat ALDH2 deficiency is to observe a healthy lifestyle. Asian flush occurs when the body cannot fight the toxins in the body, thus you need to eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidant properties.

Of course, a man who drinks responsibly is also safe from Asian flush. Although social gatherings may give you a reason to drink, the same should be done moderately. Make sure that your tummy is full before drinking bottles of beer and have a supplement with you.

Another solution for Asian flush, as mentioned above, is by taking a high-quality and reliable health and nutrition supplement. There are dietary supplements, like Sunset Alcohol Flush Support, that are designed to fight Asian flush and aid the body in taking toxins out of it. This can be a good support for your body.

In all these cases, the most important thing you should remember is to take care of your body. Drink moderately and give your body the right defence against toxins and Asian flush. Do not take this condition for granted as this may result to a serious health problem.

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