All about the nightlife of Sardinia - 5 places


Italians are known to spend most of the evening with friends and colleagues, trying to socialize with each other and to dine and drink wine, which is often done on the terrace of a well known sidewalk café or at any restaurant. As a matter of fact, nightlife in Sardinia is considered to be much valuable that all the other beautiful things that are present. Each town is known to possess a nightlife area, whether it is restaurants, night clubs, pubs or pizzerias. In short, night life of Sardinia has plenty to offer to the tourists and one can enjoy what this place has to offer and to make the most from it.

There are places in Sardinia that are regarded to be much busier having lively places for those interested in late night dancing and drinking. Also are present plenty of festivals that are sure to help the person to be kept out of the bed all night. Some of the important festivals are Festa della Birra, San Pantaleo which is famous for its beer festival or Festival Algher that features musical concerts, jass and plays.

Why Sardinia?

This place has been long known to be the summer playground for well known European royalties such as King Juan Carlos, Princess Margaret, Monaco’s Princess Caroline who is said to have enjoyed honeymoons twice in this island, and other prominent people. Sardinia for several years has been au courant stomping place even for Hollywood celebrities.

Top nightlife places in Sardinia

  1. During summer, the most frequented and best known places especially by the young crowd are termed to be San Teodoro.
  2. Luna Glam Club is stated to the best premises and also a fashionable night club, which is said to have boasted of holding internationally famous DJ’s in 2012. This location is well desired for every type of events, performances, paradise and parties. The tourist can literally breathe in positive energy on visiting this place. Having high quality artistic proposals and furnishing, the crowd always seems to be completely involved, enjoying to themselves throughout and smiling.
  3. One should not miss out on Ambra Night and Ambra Night. Ambra Day has been regarded to be the very first place where one can venture for having extraordinary and delicious cocktail that is made by well trained and experienced bar staffs, customized specially for the person in question. While Ambra Night is regarded to be a night club that is located near to the beat. This place is known to provide the thrill and frill in the form of excellent music and also lets the person to enjoy the sun rising by the beach directly.
  4. The other places are Porto Cervo Yacht Club and
  5. Billionaire

These places are said to have the very best facilities for those who are out to have fun during the night and to make the most of the trip. Apart from these, there are also several other places, where the individual can have immense fun and thrill. In short, Sardinia holidays are simply the very best, if planned in advance.

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